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Yoga is transformed from the Sanskrit word YOG which means TO JOIN the science of life, the integration of mind and whole body. The mentioned of YOGA conjures up images of posture (Asanas) to develop flexibility, general body health and obviously awareness, this is just the beginning while yoga's central theme remains the highest goal of the spiritual path, yogic practices can give direct and tangible benefits to everyone regardless of their spiritual aims.

The Eight Fold Path of yoga from sage Patanjali’s yoga sutra delves deeply in to the morality of living and plunges in to the human psyche .It consists: Yama (self restrains), Niyama (Self observances) Asana, Pranayama (breath techniques), Pratyahara (Withdrawal of the senses). Dharana (concentration),Dhyana (meditation) and Samadhi (identification with pure consciousness).

There is an Inter-relationship between yoga and meditation. Part of Lord Buddha’s contribution to develop Samadhi (while focusing on a platform of ethics and morality). You can choose whether to focus entirely on yoga, or more specifically on meditation, or saturate yourself in both of these.

For millennia, The Himalayas have played a key role in mankind’s journey to self realization. Its total isolation from the rest of the world, its serene solitude has been an ideal environment for looking within. Nepal has inherited this unique pas which is evident in its everyday life and culture when it comes to diving deep in to your consciousness or floating in total awareness. It still does have individuals and institutions capable of guiding you to this noble path, to the cosmic universe which has an infinite beauty of its own.

Alpine Eco Trek Nepal offers different types of course with the coordination of many yoga center and yoga teacher from Kathmandu. There are many branches of yoga, such as raja, hatha, jnana, karma, bhakti, mantra, kundalini and laya, make sure you are not selecting a particular branch at random. We give you a few tips for choosing the right path. The teacher’s personal conduct, as one who ‘lives yoga’

  • One which area of you does you wishes to focus.
  • Ability to communicate with your teacher.
  • Opportunity to personalized instruction (if required).
  • Intensive/live in courses if desired.
  • Value for money.

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