Why Travel with Us

Local Company 

As a local company based in Nepal, all of our team members were born and raised in the regions you explore, making them more knowledgeable and aware of their destinations, trails, and community. We deliver an international standard in a cost-effective manner. Most big international companies tend to do business in a disconnected fashion; much of the earning is injected elsewhere rather than to support the local economy. Whereas, a local company is extensively involved in fieldwork, has immense local knowledge and uses its earnings by contributing it back to the local economy empowering the communities in the process. Working with a local company you get a wholesome experience where you know your travel adventure is being used for the overall improvement of lifestyle in remote tourist destinations.

Passionate about Eco-tourism

Our every move is precisely measured to help the communities around us, whether ecologically by practicing to never leave any trace with strict no littering policy or helping the community by providing job opportunities and skills-building training. Our ecologically conscious practices build a company that is honest, full of integrity and passionate about making a change. 

Capable and Prepared Team

Traveling to the parts unknown always comes with a little unpredictability, at Alpine Eco Trek we along with our experienced local guides work to minimize this. First, our travel planner finds you the perfect blend of experience you need, filled with culture, knowledge, challenge and breathtaking sights. We also provide you with pre-departure information with all the details including packing tips, health information, cultural and environmental guidelines, and a list of recommended equipment and readings.

Once you reach your destination, our equally professional skilled local guide’s takeover. A friendly banter, quality-ensured assistance and they have got your back. All our staff members are born in the very land they guide hence they understand the changing climate and local culture very well. Quick on their feet, they are always ready with a contingency plan to keep you safe and happy throughout your journey. All of our guides have trained for and attained a Trekking Guide license provided by the Government with skills in First Aid, Altitude Issues, and Environmental Protection.


From the get-go, we initiate a dialogue with you which ensures transparency. We provide full disclosure of the experience you will be getting on your journey. Much of adventure tourism revolves around conquering difficult trails around underdeveloped settlements which may mean lack of availability of some amenities. We believe that honesty is the best policy and allow you to be more prepared, however, what these areas lack in facilities they make for with their hospitality. Furthermore, our tour packages come with no hidden cost, allowing you to trust us fully, our priority is to provide you with stress-free travel and that comes with honesty on our part.

Safety at Heart

We understand the likely pressures both mentally and physically you may experience while you embark on your adventure, after all, excitement comes with a little discomfort. We step right and when you need us before you even touch down at the airport our team will be doing a thorough risk assessment on the journey chosen, we establish a continuous dialogue to address any queries you may have before and after you book with us. We believe in being prepared than sorry therefore all our trips are examined for safety, difficulty and all amenities such as A-grade equipment and first-aid are always at your disposal.

Entertaining Smaller Group of Travelers 

We further commit to our intention to give our clients a quality experience by usually engaging with the small group size of clients, this way we can maintain consistency in the kind of service we provide. Additionally, this allows our team to put special attention to each traveler and providing them with whatever they require throughout the course of their trip.

Flexibility and Fun 

At Alpine Eco Trek, we value flexibility for one reason, it makes your trip even more enjoyable, because of this we adjust to your travel needs, whatever they may be. Bookings can be done on the dates you prefer along with the group sizes you see yourself comfortable with, nothing is out of reach for us. We understand that flexibility brings a sense of playfulness to your trips and completely handles your logistics as you learn, unlearn and explore in your exciting trip. Our flexibility also means openness to all kinds of travelers whether you are an adrenaline lover, spirituality enthusiast or simply a wanderer.

Small but Effective 

We enjoy a large number of repeat customers on the regular and the credit for this goes to our small, competent team of experts, we choose and train our workforce to match the vision we simulate, as a result, a driven team that tries to understand and meet all your travel desires is born. We become your companion as you trudge along the sometimes challenging trails, providing you with companionship, certified guidance, and hearty cheerful positivity. Our hopes to make every travel expedition unique from the rest is what keeps work exciting for our team.

Custom-made and well-tested Itineraries 

Your experience is our topmost priority, hence in order to deliver precision and customized experience, we use well-tested itineraries that guarantee you a great level of satisfaction, the carefully organized packages offer versatility and a good value for money.  Our businesses' best marketing tool has been word of mouth, satisfied clients recommend us to their friends and family, this level of satisfaction has been possible due to our commitment to deliver our clients with quality assured service despite the circumstance and package they choose.

Accessible and Easy Payment Options 

Payment Logistics is one of the major stressors for travelers, especially when traveling to remote areas which is why at Alpine Eco trek we have made easy payment options a priority. You can start planning for your journey and book your trip with a mere 20 percent of total amount deposit fees which can be paid with either Bank wire transfer or by credit cards (Master and Visa Card), Western Union, Money Gram. The rest of the amount can be paid upon your arrival, we will also constantly make you aware of the ATM and money exchanger nearby to provide you with easy access.

Customize according to your style 

We know the excitement individuality can bring to an adventure, hence we push ourselves on a daily basis to provide tour packages that complement your originality. Helping all our clients craft unique experiences. Our spot on itineraries delivers what you expect from the trip and our staff provides you with the “When”, “How” and “Why” during the course of the travel. Each traveler comes to the journey with their own sets of idealistic expectations, our job is to find out what these are trying to the best of our capabilities to exceed it.

95 Percent Success Rate 

Speaking of repeat customers, our 95 percent success rate is a striking reminder of the result we received due to the undying effort we have put into the company. Our well-crafted itineraries, sustainable business practices, hospitable staff have all been reasons for why this company has been able to constantly churn out repeat customers.

Complimentary Free Trek Bags 

Lastly, as a way of giving thanks for letting us be a part of our clients travel experience we provide them with a free Alpine Eco Trek’ s trek bag (Duffle bag, 30 L)  that helps them immensely as they conquer the adventurous and difficult trails the country has to offer.