Upper Mustang Jeep Tour - 2021, 2022

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We organize Upper Mustang Jeep tour, safari to Upper Mustang by a 4WD Land Cruiser is the best alternative trip for those who have limited time availability.

We offer you an amazing overland tour to the Kingdom of Upper Mustang by a Private Jeep from Kathmandu, Pokhara then to Lo-Manthang via Jomsom, Kagbeni, Charang, and Lo-Mantahng circuit within 10 days including a visit to Muktinath Temple.

Upper Mustang Jeep overland tour provides an opportunity to explore the barren landscape of the Tibetan plateau and medieval culture, monastic charm, and spiritual purity unparalleled elsewhere in the Himalayas. The tour into a different world as the moonscape of the Tibetan plateau presents hues of gray, red, and brown. The views we see in this trip is one of a deserted wasteland dotted with sporadic settlements and frequented by people who work hard in the dry soils to see out a living. The people of this region were once very rich and prosperous from a busy trade in salt between Tibet and India.

The overland tour on the countryside road leads us to the Kali Gandaki river valley towards the capital of the Kingdom, Lo Manthang – a town with a royal palace, monasteries, temples, caves, and medieval culture. The people in this town are surprisingly sophisticated. But it is the many villages on the route into and out of Mustang which make this overland tour to Mustang such a rewarding one.


  • An overland journey in to the trans-Himalayan region, enjoy the barren landscapes, medieval culture, monasteries, caves and Himalayas 

Outline Itinerary

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Day 1:Arrive at the Kathmandu Airport, transfer to hotel.

Arrive at the Kathmandu Airport, transfer to hotel {we are using Tibet International hotel for a for a deluxe option and Buddha hotel for a standard accommodation option in Kathmandu}.

  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Meals:Breakfast
  • Place:Kathmandu
  • Maximum Altitude:1350m

Drive by a deluxe jeep from Kathmandu to Pokhara, it takes about 6 hours, 200km drive. { In Pokhara we are using Temple Tree Resort and Spa for a deluxe option and Pokhara View hotel for a standard accommodation}. Overnight in Pokhara.

  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Meals:Breakfast
  • Place:Pokhara
  • Maximum Altitude:850m

After breakfast, A Scorpio jeep drives from hotel that begins at 8 AM drive slowly to Jomsom (2,700 m), 9/10 hours. Overnight at Trekkers Inn in Jomsom with all meal, room with attached bathroom. 

  • Accommodation:Guest House
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Place:Jomsom
  • Maximum Altitude:2700m

After Breakfast, drive from Jomsom to Muktinath (3,800 m), visit temple, lunch and then drive to Charang (3,500 m). Overnight at guest house with meals.

  • Accommodation:Guest House
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Place:Muktinath
  • Maximum Altitude:3800m

Drive from Charang to Lo- Manthang ( 3,800 m). Overnight at guest houses with meals.

  • Accommodation:Guest House
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Place:Lo-Manthang
  • Maximum Altitude:3800m

An exploration day, we will arrange two horses with horse mans, ride the whole day visiting monasteries, caves, villages, king's palace, etc... Overnight at guest house with meals.

  • Accommodation:Guest House
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Place:Lo-Manthang
  • Maximum Altitude:3800m

Drive from Lo-Manthang to Kangbeni , a beautiful village. Overnight at guest house with meals.

  • Accommodation:Guest House
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Place:Kangbeni
  • Maximum Altitude:2800m

Drive from Kangbeni to Jomsom and then to Tatopani (hot spring place) Overnight at guest house with meals.

  • Accommodation:Guest House
  • Meals:Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
  • Place:Tatopani
  • Maximum Altitude:1800m

Drive from Tatopani to Kathmandu via Pokhara. Overnight at hotel. 

  • Accommodation:Hotel
  • Meals:Breakfast
  • Place:Kathmandu
  • Maximum Altitude:1350m

Final transfer to Airport and fly home.


    • Al the necessary airport arrival and departure transfers by a private jeep.
    • Accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara with breakfast.
    • Kathmandu to Pokhara Jeep drive with Guide and driver.
    • Pokhara to Lo-Manthang and back to Pokhara Jeep drive with guide and driver.
    • Your Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 cups of tea/coffee in a day) and overnights at guest houses from Day 03 to Day 08.
    • Two horses with horse mans for one full day sightseeing in Lo-Manthang.
    • A deluxe Scorpio Jeep with its permit, petrol, driver's expenses, and all parking charges.
    • English speaking guide with his food, salary, insurance, equipment, etc.
    • All the necessary permits including special Upper Mustang permit.
    • Our Service charges and government taxes and surcharges.
    • Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
    • Bottled drinks during trip, tips to guide and driver, your travel Insurance.
    • Airfares
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    Useful Information

    Trip cost: Please send us an inquiry and let us know that how many of you are there in your group to do this jeep tour to Mustang and when you would like to do it, according to your requirements we will provide you fresh cost details. 

    Note: If the above itinerary couldn't meet your needs, we can design a tailor-made itinerary to suit your needs. It is also possible to combine with some other activities such as Tibet tours, Bhutan tours, and Jungle safari in Nepal.

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    We would like to explain to you. We are a Local Agency providing world-wide travelers with a top-quality service. We offer you the lowest price possible for fully inclusive trips that have no hidden costs. We guarantee your comfort, safety, satisfaction, and long-lasting memories of your experience.

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    we have several convenient payment options. While making your trip with us, 20% of the total trip amount booking deposit is required whilst booking your trip and the outstanding balance you would be able to pay us on your arrival (or if you would prefer paying the full amount in your booking time that would be also fine for us). You can make the deposit by bank wire transfer (we are using transferwise PayPal website which is the best, fast, cheap and reliable option, they send money to Nepal only in Local Currency (Nepalese Rupees). Please kindly ask the bank account details once you would like to finalize the trip and pay the deposit) or by credit card (Master and Visa Card), you can send the money by Western Union Money Transfer or Money gram also and ATM is available in Kathmandu and Pokhara to obtain local currency.

    Customized Upper Mustang Trip with Helicopter Options

    • We can customize this Upper Mustang Jeep tour, choose the number of days, drive directly from Lo Monthang to Jomsom or include other Mustang stops or extra days. You may also want to continue the jeep trip from Jomsom to Pokhara.
    • We offer charter helicopter tours out of Lo Manthang to Jomsom, Pokhara or Kathmandu, or to Annapurna Base Camp and then back to Jomsom, Pokhara or Kathmandu.
    • We can tailor-make your trip to include the TIJI FESTIVAL (Lama Dance in Lo Manthang) in May if dates fit.

    Not Enough of Nepal?

    We can suggest at trips to the Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara, Bandipur, Gorkha, the Annapurna Foothills, Chitwan and Bardia National Parks. Spend a night at The Old Inn Bandipur (or Three Mountain Lodge on luxury trips) en route to the drive to Pokhara, where you might spend several nights at Temple Tree Resort and Spa or Kuti Resort and Spa. Refreshed, drive to Chitwan National Park, spending at least 2 nights at either Parkland hotel or Green Park Resort with jungle activities.

    About Upper Mustang

    Upper Mustang ‘Lo’ is the formerly Buddhist Kingdom of Himalaya and the capital of ‘Lo’ Mustang was ‘Lo-Manthang’ an ancient forbidden kingdom of Himalaya is one of the most wonderful Himalayan deserts on the earth. It is located beyond the Annapurna Mountain to the North of Mustang district and bordering with Tibet and home of century-old sky caves and monasteries, the magical grand canyons, and the prosperous Buddhist realm.

    History of Upper Mustang (Known as Little Tibet) 

    • Once upon Mustang was under the rule of the Yarlung dynasty of central Tibet and later on Mustang was under the rule of Western Tibet Ngari.
    • The legendary history of Upper Mustang was begun after 1380 AD, when Ame Pal, a warier and Buddhist devout from Western Tibet made Mustang as an independent Kingdom. He defeated the local warlords and constructed a walled capital Lo-Manthang and extended Lo’s rule to Purang and Western Tibet.
    • At the end of the sixteenth century, Lo-Kingdom came under the power of Ladakh, and around 1760, the kingdom of Jumla in western Nepal finally succeed in making Lo it is vassal. Mustang was forced to pay levies (taxes) to the Kingdom of Jumla and came under their extended Kingdom.
    • In 1795 Jumla was defeated by the Gorkhas and the Kingdom of Lo (Mustang) transferred its allegiances to Gorkha, which by then was the capital of a unified Nepal.
    • In 1855 Lo supported Nepal against the Tibetans. The King of Nepal thus allowed the King of Mustang to keep his title of ‘Raja of Mustang’ although he had little politely power.
    • The economy of Lo, Bahragaon, and Panchgaon suffered since the Thakalis gained control over the salt trade along the Kali Gandaki in 1862.
    • In 1951 introduction of constitutional monarchy in Nepal resulted Mustang became a district and took away much of the King’s power.
    • Following the Chinese exaction of full control over Tibet in 1959, the Khampa guerillas based their resistance movement in Lo and the Nepalese government declared the Mustang District as a restricted area.
    • Arise of parliamentary democracy in 1990, the new government of Nepal decided to reopen Upper Mustang partially for the foreigners, and since 1992 Upper Mustang open to foreigners with taking special permits from the Department of Immigration of Nepal. In the same year, the Annapurna conservation area was extended to include Upper Mustang.

    About Lo Manthang - the capital city of Upper Mustang 

    Lo Manthang was the capital city of the former Kingdom of ‘Lo’. In the 1380s, King Ame Pal established the ‘Kingdom of Lo’ and Mustang became an independent Kingdom. He also walled the city Lo Manthang, and there are about 180 houses including some of the largest and finest Tibetan Buddhist Gompas in Nepal.
    Traditionally, Lo Manthang had a single entrance, through which only King, Queen, and Khempo Abbot were allowed to ride whereas other public must walk to pay their respects to Chenrezig, the Buddha of compassion. King Jigme Palbar Bista is the 25th descendent of Ame Pal living is still taking as a somewhat ceremonial role among Mustangies ‘Lobas’.
    Within the walled Lo Manthang there about 180 houses with narrow streets including four major Gompas of Lo Manthang, the 14th century, brick-red Jampa Lhakhang, 15th-century Thubchen Gompa (Assembly hall),  Chhoede Gompa (Khempo’s residence) and Choprang Gompa.

    Birdlife in Upper Mustang

    Hill and rock pigeons, crag martins, rose finches, pied wagtails, rock buntings, black redstarts, impeyan pheasants, grandala, snowcock and white-capped river chats, Himalayan griffin, lammergeiers, golden eagles (and many more).

    Wildlife in Upper Mustang 

    Snow leopards, black bear, marmot, lynx, black wolf (chango), Himalayan wooly hare, blue sheep, red fox, pikas (and more).

    Additional information for Upper Mustang Jeep Tour

    Alpine Eco Trek is always available for any type of inquiry related to the Upper Mustang Jeep tour. For more info about Tourist Visa, you can also visit the official website of the Nepal government to apply. Need any other type of assistance or additional information about on arrival instructions, making your holiday longer, passport rules and regulations, latest permit updates please feel free to contact us


    How can I book the Upper Mustang overland tour?

    Once you confirmed the trip, we need a photocopy of your passport and a 20% down payment of the total price for advance flight tickets and hotel booking and permit process.

    How can I enter in Nepal?

    Nepal is a popular tourist destination in south Asia. Several airlines have direct and non-stop flights from the Middle East and Asia to Kathmandu, Capital of Nepal. There are direct flights from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Doha, Osaka, Shanghai, Mascow, Bangkok, Singapore, Hongkong, Karachi, Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Paro, Dhaka, Lhasa, and Varanasi.

    Can I do the Upper Mustang overland tour?

    This trip is suitable for any adventure lovers looking for something a little more exciting and amazing overland drive.

    When should I come for Upper Mustang overland tours?

    May, June, July, and August, September, October, and November are the best seasons. However, March & April are okay and trekking can be done.

    Do I need to stay in Katmandu?

    Kathmandu valley, one of the historical cities as well as the capital of Nepal, at least, you need to spend two nights in Kathmandu before and after your trip. In our program, we are providing you the standard accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara on a bed and breakfast basis.

    Can I join with group?

    Yes, you can join with the group, we guarantee a series of fixed group departures dates for Upper Mustang overland tour. We can arrange a small group trekking trip to suit your requirements. Please contact us for group departure dates.

    Do I need to join with group?

    It is not necessary that you need to follow our fixed group departures dates, because private trip departs every day upon your request which is best suited to couples, families and small groups of friends. We are happy to organize your holiday according to your selecting the starting date.

    Do you also offer Tailor-made Departures?

    Yes, we do offer Tailor-made Departures, if our holiday packages are not perfect or the group departure dates are not convenient as per your travel plan.

    What kind of equipment do I need to bring with me?

    Upper Mustang overland tour is an exciting overland tour. Click here to have more info

    What kind of meals I can have during the trip?

    All Meals on full board basis will be provided during the overland tour. Freshly cooked food is served at all times (western, continental and Nepali meals are available in all places). Three meals a day will be provided.

    Do I have a pre-departure meeting?

    Yes, at first, our staff will receive you at the airport and transfer to the hotel and our tour leader will brief you regarding the trip. The briefing will cover the itinerary and introduced your tour Leader.

    Can I charge camera batteries along the trip?

    Yes, Most of the places, you can charge batteries along the tour (per hour USD 2-3 for charging).

    Is someone going to meet me at the airport? Are transfers included?

    Definitely, our Airport Representative will come to the airport to pick you up. We will be displaying a placard of our company with your name on it. Airport transfer is included.

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