Bhutan is the second most popular Trekking destination in the world. Trekking in Bhutan is a fascinating and thrilling journey which allows the traveler to get off the beaten track and on to the wondrous Bhutanese landscapes. About 75% of the landscape in Bhutan is covered by forests and we Alpine Eco Trek will lead you to complete wilderness where you come across various vegetation zones. Most of the trek routes run through protected areas and you will see wild life in its natural habitat.

Our adventure treks range from short soothing walks through terraced fields and idyllic hamlets to some of the most arduous high altitude treks. Our low altitude treks run through 3100m plus and high altitude treks like Druk Path Trek through 5400m plus across coniferous forests abloom with rhododendron flowers and shimmering lakes and the 21-day Snowman Alpine quest to more than 6000m.

Most of our trekking in Bhutan is well organized as camping trips as there are no lodges or guesthouse along the trekking trails. Our trekking camp is at designated place where there is ample water supply to cook our meals and meadows to feed ponies. Our trekking crew treks with you to set up camps, carry your pack lunches, prepare tea and serve meals at the campsites. You will trek with your back-pack with only water bottle, batteries, cameras, jackets and your basics daily stuff such as medicines, toiletries and own supplies of chocolate bars, insect repellents and treatment tablets. Your heavier stuff such as tents, personal gear, kitchen and food supplies are carried by horses or yaks at higher altitudes. We do not rely on porters.

When is the best season for Trek in Bhutan?

The best season for trekking in Bhutan is spring and autumn- March to April and late September to mid-November. Although the nights are colder in autumn with temperature in higher altitudes ranging from 20 degree Celsius down to minus 10 degree celcius, days are warmer with bright sun shines. The autumn and spring is generally a high season for tourists and all hotels and flights get booked. On trek you will probably find other trekkers camping next to you. Our low altitude treks runs throughout the year except in July and August when the weather is little wet for the trek.

What we supply on trek

On trek, we will provide two-men sleeping tents, dining tents, kitchen tents, toilet tents, mattresses and utensils. We suggest you to bring your own sleeping bags. There is no trekking store here in Bhutan to buy or rent one so that we suggest you to buy this from your hometown or if you are travelling from Kathmandu Alpine Eco Trek will help you to find one very nice in Thamel, Kathmandu.