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Tour in Nepal 2019 / 2020

Over the years, we, Alpine Eco Trek have garnered plenty of experience as a Nepal tour organizer based in Kathmandu, where we offer a wide range of tours and trips in Nepal at pocket friendly prices with fresh and up to date travel information.

An unparalleled way of exploring and discovering the natural and cultural heritages of Nepal is Touring in Nepal. Over the years, Nepal has become a popular destination for hiking, trekking, touring and research tours, in a great environment of natural tranquility. Touring in Nepal bestows you with an opportunity to explore the massive Himalayan beauty and view the spectacular peaks, as well as the flora and fauna, which is why it has become a favorite with many travelers. With several notable factors such a s Nepal being the birth place of Buddha, who stands as the symbol of peace and brotherhood; home to the world's highest mountain, Mount Everest. In terms of natural beauty and resources, Nepal has been blessed in abundance. The utmost dedication of Nepalese has led them to preserve the glory of its own distinct culture and traditions. All these assets add to the potentiality of tours in Nepal. See more.

The dynamic panoramic view of the Himalayas and a vista of monumental landscapes are guaranteed to enchant you and make your tours in Nepal one of the most wonderful and memorable tours ever. The Nepal tour packages will take you through the  prominent places that you absolutely cannot miss some of which are the hills of Nagarkot, birthplace of Lord Buddha, Lumbini, the lake city of Pokhara and the trekking havens of Dhampus and Ghandruk. Witness the magical sunrise and sunset at few of the best viewpoints in the world. Bird watching the exotic species, alluring botanical gardens,  cities decorated by centuries old monuments, deep dived caves are  a few recreational and interesting things that you can do in Nepal.

Nepal has made a name for itself as an oasis of angelic beauties, unique wonders and gifts of nature, despite being a land locked country. The only thing that Nepal is poor of is its economy, it is probably the richest country in terms of its natural beauty, bio-diversity, cultures, traditions, art, architectures and its rich hospitality The Himalayan Nation has long exerted a pull on the Western imagination and it's a difficult place to dislodge from your memory once you visit Nepal and return. We can go on and on about the wonders of Nepal and the Himalayas; however words cannot put in the true feeling of when you venture on a journey across this blissful country. Join Alpine Eco Trek and Tours and experience for yourself this splendid part of the world. Alpine Eco Trek is pleased to have this opportunity to offer you with customizable tour packages as per your time availability.

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Nepal Tour Packages - Budget, Standard or Deluxe Tour Packages

Adventure Nepal Travel

Adventure Nepal Travel - 17 Days

USD   |   Moderate
Adventure Nepal Travel is a short introduction to trekking, which will showcase the picturesque beauty...
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Adventure trekking tour

Adventure trekking tour - 20 Days

USD   |   Moderate
Adventure Trekking Tour specialists based in Kathmandu, we are highly renowned for our affordable prices...
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All Nepal Tour

All Nepal Tour - 12 Days

USD   |   Easy
Explore the diverse and ancient city of Kathmandu, and the surrounding valley area, filled with an abundance...
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Best of Nepal Tour

Best of Nepal Tour - 11 Days

USD   |   Moderate
Best of Nepal Tour - Enjoy Trekking, Rafting, City Tour & Wildlife Safari with a Local Company! The Best ...
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Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour - 09 Days

USD   |   Easy
Buddhist Pilgrimage tour - A visit to Lord Buddha's birth place - Lumbini, world peace stupa with unforg...
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Exciting Nepal tour

Exciting Nepal tour - 09 Days

USD   |   Easy
Exciting Nepal tour is the perfect trip for people who wish to experience the culture, traditions, wild...
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Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini Chitwan tour

Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini Chitwan tour - 10 Days

USD   |   Easy
Kathmandu, Pokhara, Lumbini Chitwan tour is designed to include the most popular tourist ...
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Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini tour

Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini tour - 10 Days

USD   |   Easy
Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini tour -Discover the old heritage sites, Buddhist Stupas to Hindu temples...
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Kathmandu Pokhara tour

Kathmandu Pokhara tour - 06 Days

USD   |   Easy
Kathmandu Pokhara tour provides a great opportunity to explore the old heritage sites, Buddhist Stupas...
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Nepal Culture Tour

Nepal Culture Tour - 04 Days

USD   |   Easy
The Nepal culture tour is designed for you to explore one of the finest recreational activity that...
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Nepal Family Holidays

Nepal Family Holidays - 10 Days

USD   |   Easy
Venturing into a family trip to Nepal is going to worth every bit. A short hike amidst the hills surr...
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Nepal Holidays

Nepal Holidays - 06 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal holidays offers an opportunity to explore a close view of a long range of Himalayan panorama incl...
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Nepal Honeymoon tour

Nepal Honeymoon tour - 11 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal Honeymoon tour is a memorable journey including a trip to ever stunning Nagarkot, two ...
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Nepal Photography Tour

Nepal Photography Tour - 09 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal Photography tour - Discover the unique and exceptional landscape, exclusive culture ...
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Nepal Tibet Overland Tour

Nepal Tibet Overland Tour - 18 Days

USD   |   Strenuous
Amazing Nepal Tibet Overland tour - Discover the heritage, Cultural, Natural, nomadic people, awe-...
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Nepal Wildlife tour

Nepal Wildlife tour - 15 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal wildlife tour is thoughtfully designed for those travelers who are really keen to explore the ...
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Visit Nepal Tour

Visit Nepal Tour - 10 Days

USD   |   Easy
Our Visit Nepal Tour offers a complete trip of Nepal; sightseeing, wild jungle safaris, white water...
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Locally Owned Company

As a local company based in Nepal, all of our team members were born and raised in the regions you explore, making them more knowledgeable and aware of their destinations, trails, and community. We deliver an international standard...

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We further commit to our intention to give our clients a quality experience by usually engaging with the small group size of clients, this way we can maintain consistency in the kind of service we provide. Additionally, this allows...

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Highly Experienced Team

Travelling to the parts unknown always comes with a little unpredictability, at Alpine Eco Trek we along with our experienced local guides work to minimize this. First, our travel planner finds you the perfect blend of experience...

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