Tibet is also known as the best destination for adventure trekking trips. Diverse landscapes and splendid natural beauties on the Tibetan plateau remained as main attractions of worldwide travelers. Alpine Eco Trek's best-selected trekking adventures offer you an authentic Tibetan culture as well as enriching wilderness experiences. Avoid the mass tourism annoyance and merge into the peaceful nomadic life, camp next to the traditional nomad's family tents and challenging trekking over the high passes are wonderful experiences.

Climate and Trekking Season in Tibet

Tibet's high altitude and the atmosphere allow the sun's solar radiation to strike the earth with unusual intensity. To protect your eyes and skin, you'd better bring sunscreen, which with a sun protection factor of 15 and sunglasses are also useful. And lip creams and balms are also sold with SPF ratings, zinc, oxide creams provide 100% block out. Generally from April to October is the best season for trekking in Tibet. But it really depends on your route and a normal winter Tibet trekking schedule is quite comfortable because in winter, the tourist rush is not much and you can enjoy the beautiful scenery freely.