Things to do in Tibet

Tibet, the roof of the world is a journey that you will not forget in your lifetime. There are many things to do in Tibet, to fill your time.

Tibet Tours

One of the best and most common ways to travel in Tibet is by joining an overland Tibet tour. These programs vary in length and destination. They encompass all the must-see sights of Tibet, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the ride. We can arrange your Tibet trips for you. Tibet tours commence in July through to early December and march through to May. Depart Kathmandu every Tuesday and Saturday.


The Tibetan region offers numerous routes for trekking. You can take in the Kailash pilgrim circuit or trek overland from Nepal. Visit Everest base camp, Join a tour that takes in this magnificent place, or you can do a short trek in this area that is the base for Tibetan expeditions up this mighty mountain.

Climbing and expedition 

Tibet is home to high mountain peaks, it has an endless list of climbing and expedition peaks. Take a great chance to climb the high mountain peaks in Tibet once in your lifetime.


Tibet has an endless list of fabulous, ancient and fascinating places to visit. Spend your time visiting, monasteries, temples, ancient villages, high altitude lakes, and splendid mountain views.


Tibet is known as The Roof of the World. It is also famous as The Land of Snow. In Tibet, you will find a large number of rivers. The source of most Tibetan rivers is Mount Kailash. The four greatest rivers in Tibet include the Ganges, Indus, Sutlej, and Brahmaputra. The forested land of Kham is home to the source of the Mekong and the Yangtse, the 2 largest rivers in East Asia. In the summer months, regular rains engorge Tibet's rivers and a result is a surprising number of world-class rafting and kayaking rivers.

In Tibet can do rafting and kayaking trips. We conduct a variety of trips that combine some of the remarkable cultural visits with rafting and camping in areas of overwhelming beauty. We have employed experienced guides to make certain a very high standard of safety, service and cultural experience. If you make time to do rafting trips in Tibet with us, it will definitely make your trip remarkable and awesome.

Mountain biking

Tibet offers the trip of a lifetime when it comes to cycling. You can do the overland tour from Lhasa to Kathmandu; it includes the world's longest downhill. We can arrange this trip of a lifetime for you.


Tibet has to offer a large range of handy crafts, antiques, carpets, jewelry and other fascinating objects. Spend time in Lhasa, Gyantse, and Shigatse exploring the bright and colorful markets, looking for bargains and antique treasure, and don’t forget about Tibet’s world-famous Tibetan carpets.