Terms and Conditions on Tibet tour

Important things to know

The clients should have confirmed the tour reservation at least thirty five days before departure along with advance of 20% of the cost and the following passport information:

(1) Name (2) Sex (3) Nationality (4) Passport number (5) Date of birth (6) Occupation.
We require two full working days to obtain a TIBET/ CHINA Visa. The client should be available in Kathmandu during that time.

25% of the cost will be charged for confirmed bookings up to 7 days prior to departure to TIBET after that NO REFUND will be made. NO refund for no shows and delay arrivals whatsoever reason.

We guarantee the departures of all tours with minimum number of persons mentioned in the programs and based on seat-in-coach. However, operations of tours are subject to road condition and flights.

Traveling in Tibet involves high altitude and can be strenuous. Clients with heart and lung problems or blood diseases should consult their doctor before booking the trips. Very rare cases of altitude sickness have been reported. Simple headache, fever, loss of appetite or stomach disorders can happen before the acclimatization. Some advice: drink approx. 04 liters of water per day, do not strain yourself, move slowly, breathe deeply and take regular rests.

From October to March warm clothes are required due to c old and from April to September only light clothes will be enough. However, a jacket and a sweater are advised through out the year as the weather may unexpectedly change at any time. The recommend items are: A domestic first aid kit, water purification tablets, toilet and tissue papers, flashlight, sleeping bag, comfortable walking shoes, dust masks, utility knife, sun hat, sun glasses, suntan lotion and a limited number of clothes.

Full travels insurance coverage, particularly for the trip cancellation and interruption is strongly recommended.

We will do every effort to make your journey a pleasant one. As Tibet Tourism Beauro strictly conducts all the Tibet programs, we will not be responsible for any change/alteration of programs, sightseeing in restricted areas, problems, accidents, loss of personal belongings etc. In such cases, the clients have to bear the extra cost on the spot.

We strongly recommend our clients to be protected by insurance to cover accidents, health, emergency evacuation, loss or damage of person belongings. We can also arrange this coverage upon request at extra cost.
A separate form has to be signed by the clients accepting the mentioned conditions at the time of booking the tour.

There is no prohibition on still and video cameras, tape recorders or radios as long as they are registered with a custom official. Printed matters considered unsuitable by the Chinese Government are prohibited, Customs regulations forbid the ex- port of art objects created prior to 1959 or souvenirs in amounts deemed to be excessive.

Government offices are usually closed on SATURDAY and SUNDAY.

The unit of currency for foreigners is Yuan. US$ 1= 6 Yuan at present and can be exchanged at the bank of China at Zhangmu, Shigatse and Lhasa.

The airport departure tax at present is included on air fare.


Month Temperature(c) Rainfall (mm) Sunshine hrs.
Jan +9 to - 13 0.2 251
Feb +10 to - 12 0.5 226
Mar +13 to - 5 2.0 241
Apr +16 to + 1 5.0 244
May +20 to + 5 25.0 284
Jun +25 to + 9 77.0 227
July +26 to+ 10 129.0 224
Aug +27 to + 9 138.0 221
Sep +21 to + 9 56.0 238
Oct +17 to + 1 8.0 285
Nov +12 to + - 7 2.0 271
Dec +8 to - 13 0.5 261

Can you tell me more?
We try to give you as much information as we can to help you choose the service you need, though if you still have more questions please feel free to look at our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly at 98510 36844 (Ram Kumar) and we will be happy to help.

Further Information
Our website contains as much information as possible about this trip. However, if you have any questions regarding trip, please feel free to contact us. We answer all enquiries within 24 hours. If you want to book a trip, you can send us an email or contact us directly by phone: 0977 98510 36844 (Ram Kumar Adhikari).

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