Owner's Profile

Ram Kumar Adhikari - Owner/Managing Director of Alpine Eco Trek and Expedition Pvt. Ltd.

Born in 1979, Mr. Ram Kumar Adhikari is the son of a retired Corporal from the Nepalese Army, his upbringing a grounding foundation in his business practices, Mr. Adhikari has won tourists trust with his sensible, disciplined and passionate way of working with the fragile ecosystem and tourism industry in Nepal.

Amidst nature since his birth Mr. Adhikari was born on the pretty hamlet of Phulkharka in the district Dhading, he grew up playing under the grandiose shade of Ganesh Himal, whilst witnessing the majestic presence of passing tourists and the impact and influence it left on his village.

Following the legacy of his community, coming to the city for his further studies Mr. Adhikari came into the capital city to conduct his further studies in Anthropology and Political Science from Tribhuvan University in Nepal. Mr. Adhikari saw himself drawn to the industry and with the help of his brother he embarked on his own unique journey. Starting off as support staff, he soon saw himself tackling the beautiful yet challenging jagged crests and landscape of Nepal. His interest renewed with each expedition, working to provide newness and excitement to his companions, helping them see the country with awe-struck amazement, providing them with added value every step of the way. In his quest to provide the best, Mr. Adhikari also added a few skill sets, including certified climbing training, first aid, and capability to speak fluent English and Hindi with basic speaking knowledge in Japanese.

Moreover, Mr. Adhikari's love to design a unique experience for each of his clientele was accompanied by his dedication to preserving the land that has provided plenty of opportunities to people all around Nepal. Basing most business practices to restore beauty through anti-littering campaigns and recycling.

Today, Alpine Eco Trek's vision started out with Mr. Adhikari has materialized into a conscious business which practices knowledge accumulated from the past two decades. Much of the founder's discipline, passion for restoration and sustainability have been passed down to the business making it out to be the successful venture that enjoys many repeat customers.