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Alpine Eco Trek believes in the importance of team work. Our team consists of professional and experienced leaders, trekking guides, tour guides, and climbing guides who have years of experience in the related sectors of the tourism industry. Our guides are well trained by the Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management and are registered and licensed per the Government's Requirements. Additionally, our trekking guides and tour guides are trained in First Aid, High altitude sickness and Eco Tourism. They speak your language, they are well acquainted with Culture, History, Art, and dedicated to revealing an authentic Nepal (as well as Tibet, Bhutan and India) to our valuable customers.

Everyone in our team is extremely aware of the fact that safety, health, and security should be prioritized along with the client's main aim of visiting Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan: entertainment, enjoyment, information, exploration or expedition. We have been guiding in the Himalayas since two decades, with our two decades of experience in this field, we are able to provide you excellent support and help while you explore our paradise-Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We are alpine team and each one of us are capable of providing everything you need to make your trip safe, sound and comfortable. No one among us discards your advices, opinions and suggestions; they are taken extremely sincerely and implemented as well.

Ram Kumar Adhikari
Owner/Managing Director

Ram Kumar AdhikariMr. Ram Kumar Adhikari, son of a retired Corporal from the Nepalese Army, has devoted half his life to the country's trailblazing Himalayan circuits & Nepal's tourism sector. Mr. Adhikari came into the world in the year 1978, and hails from a pretty hamlet called Phulkharka in the district of Dhading that sits in the shadows of the imposing Ganesh Himal which can be seen right from the village he was born a little boy in his village, Ram always stared in awe of the huge mountains above his village & wondered about its environment from a very tender age; but he knew that it had to begin by education if he wanted to do something good for his country & its pride – the Himalayas. He went on to graduate in Anthropology and Political Science from Nepal's biggest university - Tribhuvan University of Nepal. And all this was accomplished while using his spare time to guide trekkers on the mountains he loved...and this is where his idea was born – protecting the fragile ecosystems of these mountains he loved so deeply, & so was born the company 'Alpine Eco Trek & Expedition'...

Ram was always emotionally touched with the beauty of Nepal, which most others take for granted. This inspired him to walk in the woods as a little boy & make discoveries which later helped in building his career to what it is today. Mr. Adhikari loved to wander deep into the Himalayas & his gut instincts told him that the trees were not only the forests but much more than that...this is also where he soon learnt that life must be a risky Adventure...or simply nothing!! A sense of peace and fascination always touched his soul deeply & he soon discovered the mountains, its people & culture and the grassroots hospitality that were gems which changed his life forever...his childhood walks across hamlets, jagged crests & forests with sweet chirping birds seemed to have followed him wherever he went...and discovered some places where only the daring would seek to was this search of the unknown that shaped his destiny & taught him to rediscover & love his own country with the trips that followed in later years.... 

Nepal is a highly politicalised country where every government organ that exists is wracked by bushwhacking politics; & this also includes the tourism sector where most tourism entrepreneurs find themselves more involved in the decadent politics of Nepal's neglected but money spinning tourism sector, but Mr. Adhikari has been wise to stay out of this instable political wrangling, instead giving most of his time to the development of his company & finding ways to give his guests extraordinary holidays of substance.

Today, Ram's boyhood dreams have become a reality, creating a whole lifetime's worth of unforgettable memories and an unbelievable sense of triumph & achievement...which has made life so much more worth living…for him & his guests...

Sangita Adhikari
Management Head

Sangita Adhikari Sangita Adhikari looks after the office management and coordinates of each trekking and tours to ensure the welfare of each trip in terms of comfort, safety and logistics. Her Pleasing personality makes comfortable to work in friendly atmosphere for everyone in the office. She has born in the hilly region of Nepal and joined the company since its starting. She loves travelling specially the freshness of nature and rural life in the countryside which has made her dreams came true with visiting into many recognized touring places in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. Her extensive knowledge and skills helped her lot into the successful operation.

Hira Gyan MaharjanHira Gyan Maharjan (City Tour Guide) 
Hira Gyan Maharjan has regularly been working as tour guide at Alpine Eco Trek since decades. He has been involving in Tourism Industry of Nepal for more than 20 years. He is an excellent English speaking tour guide, and besides English he speaks Italian fluently.

You could get well experience of Nepali culture, tradition, religion, custom, architecture, history and people of Nepal from our tour guide Hira Gyan Maharjan.

Ram Gopal Adhikari- Trekking Guide
Ram Gopal AdhikariRam Gopal is a capable trekking guide with a joyful character and extensive skills on handling group trekking in Nepal. He is very helpful, sincere, friendly and liable guide. He is a licensed holder trekking guide approved/authorized by the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal Government.

His service is excellent, there is no doubt since he has been guiding in the Himalayas for many years. He has good communication skill in English fluently. Group of clients have highly appreciated his wonderful service. Ram Gopal is highly expert for short to long and challenging treks wherever in Nepal, either it is tea house trekking or off the beaten path treks. Also, he is a leading tour guide for Mt. kailash and Lake Mansarovar in Tibet.

Saroj Nepal – Tour and Trekking Guide
Saroj Nepal Master in Culture and an expert in English and Japanese language, Mr. Saroj is an experienced tour/trekking guide in the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet. Saroj has over 15 years experience in touring and trekking field. He works with the Philosophy that cheerfulness can bring both the victory and happiness in life, and always encourage to be optimistic in life to all.

He is a perfect tour guide for both Nepal and Tibet. His professional guidance and dedicated services delight to all trekkers and travelers. Also his personalized services and charming personality are the reason to be favourite among our clients and staffs. He has an excellent command of English and loves nothing more than to tell you all about the regions you are visiting with their diverse ecosystems and rich cultures. He does his job without leaving any complaint during the span of 15 years time. Alpine Eco Trek is proud of his constant support towards the company has been helping hand to run it efficiently.

Bijaya Pokharel - Trekking Guide:
Bijaya PokharelBijaya is a young, passionate and dependable trekking guide with a cheerful face offering you a friendly service on unforgettable trips through the Himalayas. He has an excellent command of English and loves nothing more than to tell you all about the regions you are visiting with their diverse ecosystems and rich cultures.

Bijaya has been with Alpine Eco Trek since the start and customers always give us rave reviews after their trips, admiring his knowledge, attention to detail and genuine concern for individual needs.
He is licensed and certified for all trekking in Nepal.

Amit Kumar Adhikari -Trekking Guide 
Amit Kumar AdhikariAmit Kumar is probably the youngest trekking guide at Alpine Eco Trek, we call him Kancha. He is a ever smiling guy with a friendly attitude. He has been trekked to the most of the trekking areas of Nepal, and working at Alpine Eco Trek since the establishment of the Organization. He is kind, light hearted, good humor and caring guide for our clients in the trekking.
Amit Kumar has proved a valuable trekking asset himself at Alpine Eco Trek.

Sharan Timalsina - Trekking Guide:
Sharan TimalsinaSharan started his career from guide since 2008 and came to join Alpine Eco Trek in 2014. Having a perfect level of physical fitness, he is one of the educated, dedicated and very knowledgeable guides in the tourism field. He is very attentive for any sort of work and doing his best to avail the services of high quality. His extraordinary knowledge made very popular choice among his past clients. He is certified guide from National Travel and tourism college of Nepal. He has Fluent English speaking with extensive experience.

HEM Ale - Trekking Guide:
HEM AleHem is a young, passionate and dependable trekking guide with a cheerful face offering you a friendly service on unforgettable trips through the Himalayas. He has an excellent command of English and loves nothing more than to tell you all about the regions you are visiting with their diverse ecosystems and rich cultures.

Hem has been with Alpine Eco Trek since the start and customers always give us rave reviews after their trips, admiring his knowledge, attention to detail and genuine concern for individual needs.
He is licensed and certified for all trekking in Nepal.

Rajan Adhikari - Trekking Guide:
Rajan AdhikariWith having many years of experience in guiding Nepal's Himalayas, Rajan Adhikari is now a permanent and qualified trekking guide of Alpine Eco Trek.
Rajan is a strong, sounding and capable young man, originally from Dhadhing, the Himalaya region of Nepal. He has worked as a trek leader at other trekking company before he joins at Alpine Eco Trek. He has been holding an experience guiding at remote trails of Everest, Annapurna, Tibet, and Mt. Kailash and off the beaten path as well. He speaks English and Hindi fluently.

Purna Kumar Manandhar -Trekking Cook
Purna Kumar ManandharPurna stands high among the trekking cook in Nepal. With his training and expertise in culinary field, he can prepare Nepali, Indian, Chinese and Continental dishes where possible during the journey. His secret ingredient of his dishes is his smile. He is expert in not only delighting you by putting food on the plate but also by bringing smile on your face and make your hard earned adventure trekking tour in Nepal tasty too.
He has done almost all off-the-beaten-path treks in Nepal and can lead a Himalayan trip as trekking guide too.

Mahesh Nepal - Trekking Guide 
Mahesh NepalMahesh Nepal is also an export guide of Alpine Eco Trek, and he does both guiding and cooking on the trekking in Nepal and Mt. Kailash, Tibet. He has been working at Alpine Eco Trek since the company establishment. He has a good knowledge of trekking in Himalayas. He has been trekking in every trek trails of Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and other off the beaten path treks including Dolpo, Mustang, Ganesh Himal, and Narphu valley.

He is certified trekking guide from National Travel and Tourism college of Nepal, authorized by Nepal government. He has got different training of cooking and eco tourism as well.

Shambu Basnet - Trekking Guide:
Shambu BasnetShambu Basnet started guiding for our company since 2015. He is an ex-army and energetic, friendly and knowledgeable caring guide. He has taken several trainings for Responsible Tourism and Trekking in Nepal. He is familiar with various popular treks as well as Alpine trekking and tour destinations of Nepal. His charming face will really add a charisma to your trips.

Karma G. Sherpa -Climbing Guide:
Karma G. SherpaKarma was born in high mountainous district Sholu Khumbu. He has working in trekking and peak expedition field since long before. Karma started guiding since 2005. He has developed his career as mountaineering guide because of his keen interest in mountaineering and expedition. Karma has vast knowledge in the climbing field as well as trekking guide. He has climbed several Himalayan peaks and mountains in Nepal. He is government license holder mountaineer and he quickly recognizes individual preferences of the group members and works hard to ensure that everyone has wonderful experience during the trip.

Nawang Pasang Sherpa - Climbing guide
Nawang Pasang SherpaNawang Pasang Sherpa is an experienced climbing guide with 10 years experience in climbing mountains. He is a young, enthusiastic mountaineer, originally from Khumbu (Everest) Region. He has already submitted Mt. Everest, the world highest mountain twice in 2010 and 2012.

He started his career as a porter, gradually promotes as a kitchen boy, assistant guide and now he has become successful climber due to his passion and hard working. He is a licensed holder climbing guide of Alpine Eco Trek, certify by Nepal Mountaineering Association under the inspection of Ministry of Tourism of Nepal. He is not only a professional climber, but also a profession cook as well, he speaks very good English.

Gopi Nath NepalGopi Nath Nepal - Trekking Guide + Cook
Gopin Nath Nepal is from a pure Brahmin family (he is also a priest), he has been leading holy trips to Mt. Kailash since more than decades. He is an excellent cook in our company, specially for Mt. Kailash tours and Nepal treks he is the first choice of our every group leaders as he is a special vegetarian cook. He cooks delicious meals. He has been working with Alpine Eco Trek since the company's establishment. He feels happy to share of about unique and holy cultures of Brahmin and having successfully lead thousands of people to the holy Mount Kailash Pilgrimage, he has earned the great admiration and affection of these many pilgrims.

Gokul Adhikari - Trekking Guide:
Gokul is an assistance guide in our company, he is ex-army and strong enough to carry your loads and show you the trail. He speaks good English and has been to the most popular trekking regions of Nepal and Tibet. He is working with us since 2 years and now he is a permanent and qualified trekking guide of Alpine Eco Trek.

Amrit Gurung – Assistance guide
Amirt is also an assistance guide of our company. He has been working with Alpine Eco Trek since 2008. He feels happy to share of about unique wonderful cultures, diverse landscapes and its people of Nepal among the clients trekking with him. He has a trekking guide license, and speaks a very good level of English.

Further Information
Our website contains as much information as possible about this trip. However, if you have any questions regarding trip, please feel free to contact us. We answer all enquiries within 24 hours. If you want to book a trip, you can send us an email or contact us directly by phone: 0977 98510 36844 (Ram Kumar Adhikari).


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