Our Philosophy

Like all good travel and tour companies, Alpine Eco Trek is excellent at managing individual travelers' micro-level travel needs like tour arrangements, hotel reservations, and airline bookings. But as one of Nepal's leading eco-friendly trekking and travel companies, Alpine Eco Tours also operates at travel's macro-level where strategic thinking and proactive planning are geared towards meeting corporate, business and large group travel needs.

Our travel management capabilities extend far beyond the typical day-to-day services of a travel company. We take a holistic approach to manage every aspect of your travel plans in order to give you more time to focus on your travel goals and priorities.

For the corporation, Alpine Eco Trek not only looks at how to save on travel fares today, but it also takes a strategic approach to managing the way your organization travels overall, to identify value in the long run. For leisure travelers, we know how to serve you during your hard-earned vacation. We provide the best adventure and culture appreciation trips for small or private groups, as well as custom itineraries for you and your family. We cater both to the hardcore mountaineer and leisurely nature trekker.

Our approach to organizing your holiday starts with providing you with experienced, dedicated and passionate travel and tour specialists who offer years of hard work experience and understand how to ensure customer satisfaction. We understand and value our clients at many levels: ecologically, culturally, commercially and geographically.

We at Alpine Eco Trek have an enormous global network; utilizing the abilities, skills, and knowledge of local travel and tour experts on the ground in every region. This ensures consistent global-scale service across all regions working within clear and standardized service strictures.

In addition to global reach, we are always fortifying and building strategic alliances/relations with some of the most reputable hotels, airlines and vehicle hire companies operating in our region. We offer strong negotiating power with these partners to provide our valued clients the required value and service. We recognize that every business is different, so our travel services and solutions can be customized. Clients are given the freedom and flexibility to make choices about the way their travel needs are managed.

Advantages for our clients both corporate and leisure include personalized account management, best fares, innovative and customized itinerary to suit time and budget, 24/7 phone call assistance, online reservations assistance, and access to travel facts and information with a goal to fulfill every travel requirement and essential.

For our corporate and leisure travelers alike, exceptional customer service must be the rule rather than the exception. This means service underpinned by experienced, knowledgeable and proactive people, a personalized approach, honesty, accountability, and integrity. It will be the key element that not only differentiates us at Alpine Eco Trek from other travel and tour companies but differentiates the leaders of tomorrow. The key to a successful and rewarding Tourism management company's partnership lies in a relationship that can be built on trust.

Through Alpine Eco Trek & Expedition P. Ltd, you will be partnering with a dynamic and experienced company that takes the business of Travel and holiday vacation as seriously as you do.

We at Alpine Eco Trek look forward to you placing your trust in our ability.

Ram Kumar Adhikari 
And the Alpine Eco Trek and family - the ecological holiday organizer in the Himalayas