Nepal is a beautiful Himalayan country, rich in its nature and culture. Nepal is the Buddha’s birthplace. Mount Everest (8848m) lies in Nepal. The highest eight out of ten over 8000meters Mountain peaks are positioned in Nepal. The country is rich in flora and fauna with sub-tropical and tropical forests, national parks, and alpine meadows. It is also home to the wildlife and the species of birds.

There are many virgin landscapes yet to discover. Nepal is also known as a paradise for trekkers. There are many most popular trekking destinations in Nepal and most of them are already very famous among the adventure trekkers. These popular destinations are becoming more crowded and busy so that we are exploring the new trekking destinations which are definitely interesting for trekkers. Nepal has unlimited places for trekking, Hiking, and climbing so that government of Nepal with the co-operation of tourism entrepreneur have been researching and finding the new trekking destinations, development of them is still in its early phase. These newly open trekking packages are away from the more popular trails and provide a wilderness experience in both natural and cultural aspects.

Newly opened trekking in Nepal provides an opportunity to discover the unique culture and traditions, beautiful landscapes, terrace farming villages, local people and their lifestyle with the majestic views of snowy peaks. The above are some of the newly explored trekking packages that have been thoughtfully designed to offer to new trekkers with the provision of sound physical infrastructure for sustainable tourism practices. The above packages are recently explored and opened for trekkers.