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Nepal Travel Packages 2019 / 2020

We would like to welcome you to the land of the Himalayas with wide open arms and warm greetings!  We are a local travel agency in Nepal offering amazing packages to help you explore Nepal to the core. In order to make your stay with us extremely comfortable, we have services of private transportations, excellent accommodations and expert local guides. We heartily welcome you in advance to a land you will never forget. Nepal: squeezed between China and India is a small yet amazingly beautiful Himalayan country. Being home to nine National Parks and wildlife reserves, seven world heritage sites, the highest place on earth,  Mount Everest (8848m) and Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, there is so much to witness at Nepal. The city of centuries of temples, stupas and palaces, Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal.

Another remarkable city that you absolutely cannot miss is Pokhara. 200km west of Kathmandu, this enchanting city is blessed with tranquil lakes and is surrounded by breathtaking views of the mighty Annapurna ranges. Nepal is basically filled with amazing places to see and explore. During your stay here, you will get a chance to visit and explore the historical palaces, holiest temples, Ghats, Buddhist shrines, enchanting cities, friendly people, fascinating green hills, stunning mountain peaks, fast running rivers, waterfalls, narrow valleys, terrace farming lands, traditional villages, tropical forests and preserved National parks, wildlife reserves. See more.

The good thing about Nepal travel packages is that they are good for all seasons. Year around there are a myriad of places and sites to visit and explore. From thrilling  and exciting adventurous activities like trekking, climbing, mountain flights, Helicopter tours, white water rafting, mountain biking, paragliding, bungee jumping, cannoning, jungle safari, pilgrimage tours, to exploring the history of Nepal with cultural tours, city sightseeing, and later enjoying yourself with short hiking trips, casino trips, gulf tours, home stay trips, there is something for everybody. Nepal also happens to have never-ending processions of colorful festivals. We heartily welcome you to the land where arts and culture are managed and preserved with integrity and pride. We are one of the best travel companies in Kathmandu who offer all the above activities along with private transports and expert local guides. The travel packages that we have listed above are some of the most exciting Nepal travel packages. Come and book your tour with us today for an unforgettable experience for tomorrow.

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Nepal Travel Packages

Car Holidays Nepal

Car Holidays Nepal - 13 Days

USD   |   Easy
Car holidays Nepal is an easy travel package in Nepal includes all the amazing cities, green hills,...
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Fascinating Nepal travel

Fascinating Nepal travel - 13 Days

USD   |   Moderate
Fascinating Nepal travel is designed for those seeking a softer and scenic adventure trip in the ...
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Lumbini Pilgrimage Tour

Lumbini Pilgrimage Tour - 07 Days

USD   |   Easy
Lumbini Pilgrimage tour is designed for those Buddhist or non Buddhist pilgrims keen to see the Buddha's...
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Nepal exclusive tour

Nepal exclusive tour - 07 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal exclusive tour is designed for those nature and culture lovers seeking for peaceful and tranquil...
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Nepal Himalayan tour

Nepal Himalayan tour - 07 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal Himalayan tour is one of the most popular trips in Nepal designed for those nature, culture and...
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Nepal Luxury Travel

Nepal Luxury Travel - 10 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal Luxury travel is thoughtfully designed for those clients who would like to explore the Himalayan...
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Nepal panorama tour

Nepal panorama tour - 14 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal panorama tour is a great combination of nature and culture holiday that provides an opportunity...
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Nepal relaxation Travel

Nepal relaxation Travel - 09 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal relaxation travel provides amazing relaxation and experience to those clients seeking the pea...
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Nepal spiritual yoga tour with Dhampus hike

Nepal spiritual yoga tour with Dhampus hike - 08 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal spiritual yoga tour with Dhampus hike is carefully designed for those seeking spiritual Yoga tour...
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 Nepal Vacation Tour

Nepal Vacation Tour - 14 Days

USD   |   Moderate
Nepal vacation tour is one of the best customized trips in Nepal that offers a magic blend of culture...
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Nepal view travel

Nepal view travel - 10 Days

USD   |   Easy
Nepal view travel is one of the best travel packages in Nepal. Nepal view travel offers the beautiful view...
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As a local company based in Nepal, all of our team members were born and raised in the regions you explore, making them more knowledgeable and aware of their destinations, trails, and community. We deliver an international standard...

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We further commit to our intention to give our clients a quality experience by usually engaging with the small group size of clients, this way we can maintain consistency in the kind of service we provide. Additionally, this allows...

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Travelling to the parts unknown always comes with a little unpredictability, at Alpine Eco Trek we along with our experienced local guides work to minimize this. First, our travel planner finds you the perfect blend of experience...

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