The ever so enchanting and majestic Mustang region was a former Himalayan kingdom of Nepal. The kingdom was highly influenced by Tibetan traditions, cultures and norms and even to this day, the Tibetan language is still widely spoken and traditional Tibetan culture still remains deeply ingrained within the locals of Mustang. The Kingdom of Mustang – or  Lo, as it is known by the inhabitants, which lies towards the northeast of Dhaulagiri, is an isolated remote valley near the vicinity of Tibet. Surrounded by Tibet on three sides and governed by a Tibetan royal family, Mustang survives as one of the last remnants and a preserved remain of ancient Tibet. In spite of the fact that it was nominally integrated into the kingdom of Nepal in the early 1950s, it remains largely sovereign, with much of its medieval cultural aspects still being practiced to this day. In fact, Mustang is said to be more like the Tibet before the Chinese occupation, than the Tibet that stands today. Filled with a muted natural palette of grays and variegated rusty reds of ancient walled fortress-villages and monasteries hewn from rock, Mustang replicates and bring Tibet to life in the soils of Nepal.

It hasn’t been long that Mustang, also known as the Forbidden Kingdom, first opened its doors to foreigners. Despite being a part of Nepal politically, geographically and culturally Mustang is very much like Tibet. Mustang, which presides over the icy ramparts of the Himalaya, is vast and open and equally captivating and gorgeous. The capital of Manang, Lo Manthang takes you back in time with its ultra-remote villages, inhabited by gracious, happy traditional folk. Lo-Manthang presents a mirror image that entrancingly evocates the early days of Central Asian exploration.

The Mustang region trekking tours take us into a different world of an arid valley beyond the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. The routes and trails take you across the desert-like landscape, barren ridges, deep canyons, eroded cliffs and moraine valleys. The land of barley field and pastures are where you will spot sheep grazing and ponies carrying loads on steep trails. The views of the windswept Kali Gandaki Valley, vast spaces around Kagbeni, sprawling ridges and high mountains will truly be a sight to behold for the brave adventurer in you. Trekking in the Mustang region is truly one of the most rewarding experiences in Nepal and is definitely highly sought amongst adventure crazed people. You will get an insight into the primitive society that has still remained unaffected by modernization for centuries. An interesting fact is that the King still exists and gains an enormous amount of respect from his pupils. He grants requests for keen audiences to visit his palace at the white-walled city of Lo-Manthang Mustang.