We offer luxury tours in Nepal which allow our guests to experience the unique culture, awesome scenery in style and comfort whilst staying in suite rooms with comfortable beds, clean sheets, cozy blankets, down pillows with delicious meals. Nepal is an exceptional haven for unimaginable vacations with diverse programs to keep your emotions stirred for years on end.

The ancient Kathmandu is a wonderful option to introduce youngsters and adults to Nepalese rich and gripping medieval past, the urban lifestyles and cultural heritage set the character for tours where history vibrates with life. From posh hotels and guest houses with bed and breakfast, visitors can look forward to fantastic accommodations in Kathmandu, telling you that life sure has its meanings. Children will fondly enjoy the sights of naughty monkeys very amusing and interesting while hiking around the Pashupatinath temple and Swayambhunath stupa.

Nepalese five-star luxury hotels have comfort that could stir the souls of guests and soak you in comforts fit for kings. And this is not all, Nepalese gems found in its sleepy little hamlets of Nagarkot, Dhulikhel, and Hattiban, beautiful little satellite towns found just outside the medieval valley with histories that will bring happiness to your soul. And if this is not enough, just a few hours cruise down the highway will bring you to Nepalese emerald city Pokhara, the City of Lakes. Luxury villas right down by the waterline will see you basking in the autumn sunshine and you begin to sweetly feel like a pampered prince or princess. If you want to hit the brakes on your luxury vacation, you will surely want to conclude it by wading into a wilderness that is different from the Himalayas, just a few hours drive from Pokhara will take you to Chitwan national park, which physically sits in Nepalese teeming western belt known as the food basket of this landlocked mountainous nation; Chitwan is in a league of its own. Enjoy yourself in its luxury jungle lodges and watch the tigers yawning in the glades and after you have enjoyed your jungle activities of the day, relax on your swing armchairs as you see the red maroon setting sun dip in twilight over the Churia range of mountains and gently sing Louis Armstrong song I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom for me and you, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

Nepal will offer you a freedom you have never known, you would not be footloose and fancy-free anywhere else, this is the worlds single most laid back destination you will ever discover on earth, this is why the UK based National Geographic Magazine places Nepal in the 3rd position among top 10 different destinations for travelers worldwide.