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Tours and treks in Ladakh

Ladakh sometime called 'Little Tibet'. It has a similar landscape and culture that bears this comparison. The Ladakh range starts from the Indus-Shyok confluence and the Zanskar range is the dividing line between the Indus and Zanskar valleys. The Great Himalayan range in its S demarcates Ladakh from the Kashmir Valley and Himachal Pradesh. Two main districts comprise Ladakh: Leh and Kargil. Leh can be subdivided into Indus Valley, Nubra Valley, Shyok Valley and Markha Valley. The main rivers are Indus, Zansker and Shyok; like the mountain ranges these rivers run roughly E to W.

Ladakh today is one of the most remarkable adventure travel destinations and its can be divided into three main areas for trekking: Zansker, with Padam as its central point; the area around Leh; and the Nubra/Shyok Valleys of the Eastern Karakoram. Most trails that commence from adjoining Himachal Pradesh, especially from Manali, converge by different routes at Padam. Then Leh is approached by different routes form Padam.

Today Ladakh is open to outsiders, or at least as open as its geography permits. No special permission is needed to enter Ladakh and within the region you can travel around with relative freedom. Ladakh is full of amazing sights- strange gompas perched on soaring hilltops, dwarfed by snowcapped mountain; the barren, shattered looking landscapes a plashed with small but brilliant patches of green; ancient palaces clinging to sheer rock walls. But most of all it is notable for its delightful people- friendly as only Tibetans can be and immensely colorful. It's an amazing place.

The road journeys to Ladakh. Starting at Manali is an unforgetful experience; crossing over spectacular scenery.

Ladakh offers numerous high altitude treks, wild jeep safaris, white water rafting, mountain biking and mountain climbing. Meeting its colorful people and participating in their festivals are experiences to remember. Tours to monasteries are soul enriching and awe-inspiring.

Road Distances:
Srinagar-Leh 434 K
Manali-Leh 473 Km
Srinagar-Kargil 204 Km
Delhi-Leh 1047 Kms
Leh-Kargil 234 Km
Kargil-Padum (Zanskar) 240 Km
Leh-Deskit (Nubra Valley) 118 Kms.

Tours and Treks in Ladakh

Explore Ladakh tour

Explore Ladakh tour - 06 Days

Explore Ladakh tour is one of our spectacular trips that offers amazing mountains and breathing...
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Ladakh Jeep Safari

Ladakh Jeep Safari -

The 472 km overland journey is open for around three months in a year, from June to end...
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Ladakh Monastery Trek

Ladakh Monastery Trek - 16 Days

Ladakh monastery trek is an amazing journey. This adventure trekking offers breathtaking...
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Ladakh - The Rupshu Trek

Ladakh - The Rupshu Trek - 23 Days

Ladakh is a region of India in the state of Jammu and Kashmir that currently extends from...
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Ladakh Tour

Ladakh Tour - 06 Days

Ladakh tour is one of the most popular tours in north India. This tour covers all the beautiful...
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The Classic Markha Valley Trek

The Classic Markha Valley Trek - 17 Days

The classic Markha valley trek, the most popular in Ladakh, this trek traverses mountain passes...
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Tsomoiri Lake Trek

Tsomoiri Lake Trek - 21 Days

Tsomoiri Lake trek is recently opened to foreigners due to the proximity of the Chinese boarder...
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