Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions for Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

Can you supervise the procedure and ticketing of the International flights too?

Answer: Generally, we handle only internal and international flights involved within our tour only. But we can aid you by recommending some of the best and reliable international flights providing companies and websites around the world to your destination.

Do you also manage some less expensive tours for a small group joining the tour?

Answer: Alpine Eco Trek organizes private tours with private guides and vehicles. You can come as a group of any number or be a solo traveler you will be given the same services without any distinction. But, for Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour we do not provide any group joining tours at the moment. Also, let us assure you that you are getting the best services at a very reasonable price here as your satisfaction is our success.

What are the amenities at your 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star hotels?

Answer: Amenities in different star hotels are according to standard requisites. Extra privileges are also provided to you in some hotels falling under these categories. So, it is very much similar to the services provided by hotels in these classifications in other countries.

Is it possible to get rooms with one bed, ideally king or queen-sized or twin or triple?

Answer:  Yes you’ll have the privilege to choose the rooms you feel comfortable apart from that we provide to you. Also the Hotels you will be staying in will have a different variety of rooms furnished with different bed sizes too. So do not stress on these topics and be carefree while traveling with us.

Can we have guides having both local knowledge and English expertise? And how do our guide helps us to accomplish our goal?

Answer: Yes, you will be provided with the guides from the start of the journey until your departure. The guides we provide are local experts having knowledge in each and every sector of this tour. Similarly, they are trained with different courses for your aid. In addition to it, each guide can speak and understand fluent English.
To stick along with your guide is the best way to complete this journey without missing a thing. Our guides are trained for expertizing the places and the regulations of your destinations. In a word, you can say that your guides are the safe side factor of your tour.

Can we add a "free day" to relax and walk around ourselves without a guide during our tour?

Answer: Sure, it is your holiday, your choice is the first priority and you need to add an extra free day or free hours in your tour itinerary to relax and walk. We do suggest a guide but if you want to experience the raw experience and some personal time you are permitted to have it.

Can we be able to do a day-hiking without getting caught in snowstorms or sopping wet in these countries? 

Answer:  Well, normally these countries have wonderful weather but sometimes you can get drizzles in rainy seasons. However, snowstorms are predictable and your guide will prevent any risks in those cases. In both cases, your guide will be able to help you overcome the risks if there is any.

In case of bad weather is there any travel insurance that covers all the costs i.e. cost of changing flights, hotels in case we are stuck in a city? And can we get the trip the next day after the weather becomes good?

Answer: Well the travel insurance totally lies in your hand as we don’t provide them here. However, we do provide you with the letters and necessary documents for the cancelation of your tour to your insurance company. In case of bad weather, you will definitely continue the trip the next day.

Are there any chances of festivals happening in any of the countries/cities while we're visiting them?

Answer: Absolutely, as all these countries are rich in culture and tradition you might get lucky to find yourself during one of them. As these festivals fall according to days in the lunar calendar we do not have fixed English dates of these festivals. For more information about the festivals visit the links below.

Is the duration of the tour fixed or flexible? Can we shorten or lengthen duration?

Answer: Yes, it is a private tour and you can modify as per your choice. The duration of our tours is always flexible.

At what type of hotel are we staying? Can we see a view from the room, ideally with a private balcony?

Answer: You will be facilitated with top-notch hotels in the city areas whereas it depends on the hotel and hotel room availability in rural destinations. Generally, you will get a hotel with a quiet and clean environment, room with hot water, ambient heating. We will request to the hotel with your additional concerns too. A view is that part that is by your side throughout your journey. So, be assured of getting nice views, wherever you are.

Can we get a direct flight from Lhasa to Bhutan without arriving at Kathmandu?

Answer: No, there is no direct flight from Lhasa to Bhutan (Paro) or Bhutan to Lhasa. Similarly, there are only two flights (Air China and Sichuan Air) to Lhasa and one flight to Bhutan (Paro) from Kathmandu per day and 3-4 flights per week. That's why you just need to stay overnight as a compulsion in Kathmandu while flying from Lhasa to Bhutan or vice versa.

What items of clothing are needed in Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal?

Answer: It depends on the traveling seasons in which your tour is taking place. Typically, you will have a moderate climate in Kathmandu but as the altitude rises you will have to prepare for a little chill in the regions of Tibet and Bhutan.

Do any of the flights have baggage size and/or weight restrictions? If so, what are those limits?

Answer: Restrictions are standard 20-30kg for luggage and 7 kg for the handbags.

Do you recommend these itineraries for first-time travelers to these countries?

Answer: Yes, to experience all these unique lifestyles, food, culture, unique landmarks, and natural wonders of these nations you will need to follow our guided itineraries. It is also a safe way of missing nothing special on your visit.

If I book my own flight, would you provide an airport transfer to and from the hotel?

Answer: Yes, you have the option to book all your flights yourself. We will happily provide all the transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Are the Inter-country/Inter-city flights included in this price?

Answer: These flights cost quoted separately.

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