Arun Valley trekking Faq

How can you trek in Arun valley trekking?

The first 2/3 days of the trip will be staying in the local guest houses. And, the rest of the days will be camping (tented camp). On a camping trek, you will sleep in tents. The staff includes a guide, cook, Sherpa, and sufficient porters to carry all trekking gear. Even if you have never camped before, there is no need to worry that you won’t enjoy the experience. The tents we provide are roomy, the sleeping pads/ mattresses are comfortable and the international style food of a high standard is freshly prepared and served. On all of our treks, a bathroom tent is provided as well as a dining tent with tables and camp stools, providing a cozy, comfortable atmosphere to eat and chat with fellow trekkers during the evening.

How Camping Trek is operated?

In a camping trek, the day starts around 6 a.m. with a cup of hot tea or coffee followed by a bucked of warm water for their washing and cleaning. After packing up their stuff and daypack, the trekkers are requested to leave their camp and meet at the dining table for breakfast. The trek started around 7.30 to 8 a.m. and the kitchen staff go ahead of the group. Our well-trained staff packs all camping equipment and gears and the porters carry them to the next camping site. The trekkers should carry only personal belongings that they may need for the day like water bottle, rain gear, camera, etc. The Trekkers can decide on their own on time for viewing the beautiful landscape, taking photographs and resting or making a short pause. The walk to the lunch spot normally takes 3 hours. Our cook and assistant serve hot lunch upon arrival. The afternoon walk takes about 3 to 4 hours to reach the night camp around 4/5 p.m. Tea and snacks are served while our sherpa pitches the camp. The dinner is served around 6/7 p.m. in the dining tent lit with a pressurized lantern and furnished with table and camping tools. We provide high-quality tents, foam and mattresses, and a simple toilet tent in every camp for your comfort. Our well - trained and experienced cook and assistant prepare a variety of healthy, hygienic and clean food which is carried for the entire trek. Fresh Fruit and vegetables may taste on the way to trek.