Alpine Eco Trek is a local travel agency specializing in Tibet cultural tours and treks and organizing the trips by a team of local Tibetan tour guides who have thorough and in-depth knowledge about Tibetan culture, nature, climates, mountains, hotels and all destinations for cultural tours in Tibet. We are determined to discover new, enriching Tibet cultural trips with in-depth, authentic Tibetan experiences. We are specialized in tailor-made Tibet cultural tours on the whole Tibet plateau, based on the needs and abilities of our clients, and to explore Tibet on more personal level.

Tibet has many famous sights like: Potala, Norbulingkha palace, Bakhor Street, Johkang Temple, Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery. The following Tibet cultural tours offer authentic experiences of Tibet by mingling among devoted pilgrims, blessed from ritual ceremonies and breathe in the heady fragrance of incense in the numinous monasteries. Travel to Lhasa typical Tibetan villages will show you Tibet through Tibetan eyes.

Cultural tour in Tibet

Glimpse of Lhasa tour

Glimpse of Lhasa tour - 04 Days

USD   |   Leisurely plus
Glimpse of Lhasa tour begins and ends in Lhasa. Either flight from Kathmandu to Lhasa or the ...
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Tibet Cultural Adventure

Tibet Cultural Adventure - 13 Days

USD   |   Moderate
A cultural adventure in Tibet with your family or friends in a city like Lhasa is a stunning experience...
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Lhasa Tsedang tour

Lhasa Tsedang tour- 08 Days

USD   |   Leisurely plus
Lhasa Tsedang tour will take you to "the cradle of Tibetan Civilization" Tsedang to discover the mystery ...
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Lhasa Shigatse Tour

Lhasa Shigatse Tour- 06 Days

USD   |   Leisurely plus
Lhasa Shigatse tour also known as golden route tour is scenic six days tour which offers to a chance to explore...
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Lhasa Cultural tour

Lhasa Cultural tour- 05 Days

USD   |   Moderate
For centuries Western travelers were interested with exploring the forbidden land, sometimes enduring ...
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Tibet family holiday

Tibet family holidays - 06 Days

USD   |   Moderate
Tibet family holidays is relatively easy and comfortable tour that includes sightseeing of historical Lhasa and Shigatse...
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Tibet spiritual tour

Tibet spiritual tour- 08 Days

USD   |   Moderate
Awaken your own spirituality and open your heart through a deep connection with the people and culture...
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Why Local Company?

As a local company based in Nepal, all of our team members were born and raised in the regions you explore, making them more knowledgeable and aware of their destinations, trails, and community. We deliver an international standard...

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Why Small Group?

We further commit to our intention to give our clients a quality experience by usually engaging with the small group size of clients, this way we can maintain consistency in the kind of service we provide. Additionally, this allows...

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Why Experienced Team?

Travelling to the parts unknown always comes with a little unpredictability, at Alpine Eco Trek we along with our experienced local guides work to minimize this. First, our travel planner finds you the perfect blend of experience...

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