Chitwan Chepang Hills Trail

Duration: 6 Days   |  

We organize rural village home stay at Chitwan Chepang Hill Trail. Chepang village home stay tour offers a rare combination of cultural and sightseeing experience. One of the most interesting aspects of the home stay package is getting a glimpse of the Chepangs and other local communities who live in this mid-hill region of Nepal. Chepangs speak their own distinct language, leading a nomadic life in their primary lifestyle: hunting, foraging for wild roots, fishing and traditional farming near jungles. Accepting the invitation of the villagers to stay in their beautiful homes as guests and sharing their meals, is a journey of discovery on itself. The unique cultures in this area in addition to natural attractions double the charm of this experience. Besides home-stay facilities in Shaktikhor, Gadi, Chisapanitar, Chitram, Majhbang and Hattibang, resting places with bath rooms and toilets are also available. Tea houses are available in Siddhi, whereas camping site is available in Uppardang Gadi, Hattibang, Chitram and Jyandala. The nearest point where all major tourist facilities are available is Sauraha, near the Royal Chitwan National Park. Wholesome and organic locally produced agricultural items are available along the Chepang Hills trail. Wheat, corn, roti, soybeans and other beans, dal and rice, seasonal vegetables and fruits, ghee, milk, honey, curd, juices, etc. are available.


  • Chepang, Giripuri and Magar villages and culture.
  • Scenic beauty of the hills and mountains, waterfalls and caves.
  • Impressive sunrise and sunset points will be on our way.
  • Village and jungle tours, traditional dance performances, bird watching and other culture or nature activities.
  • Experiencing the life and hospitality of traditional Nepalese families.
  • Historical temples, culture museum and other buildings.
  • See how local handicraft items are made.
  • Restaurants, hotels and a beautiful river bank to enjoy your time in Sauraha.

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