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  • Jul 22, 2022
  • Ram Kumar Adhikari
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Many of our valued trekkers have experienced the journey of a lifetime and are now more than happy to share their stories with others. Check out Everest Base Camp trek reviews before choosing your unforgettable and safe trip with us. Then, after your trip, publish your travel reviews and photos with us. Encourage your friends and family members to book the Mount Everest Base Camp trek, the trip of a lifetime with Alpine Eco Trek. 

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Excellent Trekking Company Where Their Clients Come First!

I engaged Alpine Eco Treks to lead 3 of us from Kathmandu to Everest Base Camp via Lukla and Namche Bazaar. The owner, Ram Kumar, and 3 porters, Ashok, Maenas, and Min, did an excellent job taking care of us and looking after our needs. There was never a moment when we didn't feel 100 percent supported by Ram and his team from the time we got up in the morning until we went to sleep at night. I had the same experience with Alpine Eco Treks on a trip to Tibet two years ago. I cannot say enough good things about them. Hard to believe that there are any better companies leading treks in the region. Feel free to contact me at g.j.schmeltzer at if you have any questions. 

George Schmeltzer,
United States of America

 Ebc trek group review

Everest Base Camp Trek Unforgettable Experience!

We just finished our 2-week trek to Everest Base Camp. Overall, the fascinating part of the whole trip was the culture and lifestyle of the people of the Himalayas. Everyone is so friendly, and the food we tasted in the guesthouses was just excellent. Dhurba, who was our guide during the trip, was such a great help. He was able to make our trip stress-free and full of fun. The itinerary was flexible, as well. We would rest if we were tired without having to follow the itinerary. We are genuinely grateful to Alpine Eco Trek and our guide, Dhurba. We plan to return to Nepal next year with our family for a week-long Annapurna Base Camp trek. We are looking forward to meeting Ram (owner of the company) and our guide Dhurba again. I highly recommend Alpine Eco Trek to anyone planning to visit Nepal or planning to go for any short or long Trek around the country.

William J,

"Amazing trip Everest Base Camp"

I came to know about Alpine Eco Trek from one of my friends who traveled to Nepal 2 years ago. The most intriguing part for me as I prepared for the trek was the accommodation services during the trek. I asked my friend for help, and he told me about Alpine Eco Trek. I immediately contacted them, and I am happy that my friend recommended this travel company. The flight to Lukla was a thrilling experience for me. The scenery I could see from the flight was breathtaking, and as I started my trek, the views started getting even better. The friendly Sherpa people were kind enough to provide us with extra blankets. We could not communicate properly, but they taught me some Nepali words and simple phrases. The guesthouse owners offered us hot water for bathing too. Overall, the Everest Base camp trek was adventurous and out of this world. 

Nathan J45, 

everest base camp review

Everest Base Camp Trek with Ram's Company

From the first contact with the company Alpine Eco Trek, we have felt the dedication of its owner, Mr. Ram and his manager Mr. Dhurba. They answered us quickly to any questions we had. From arrival in Kathmandu until our return they were tireless in making us comfortable. During our trek to Everest Base Camp, themselves, they led us through the (sometimes difficult) trails in complete safety. We went in a group of 10 people and had the accompaniment of two guides plus the porters (baggage helpers). 

Ricardo S34,

Best Everest base camp  

Traveling with Alpine Eco Trek was the right decision I made. After many consecutive queries, they were kind enough to reply to each of my questions quickly. After I arrived in Kathmandu, I went on a sightseeing tour, which was terrific. My guide Ram helped me to get some trekking gear and equipment for the trek. After I landed in Lukla, I saw many things that fascinated me. The fact that Sherpa people live in such a harsh environment fascinates me. Along the way, I saw little Sherpa kids playing an exciting game of marbles. The majestic mountains all around me took my breath away. My favorite place along the trail was Namche Bazaar. The panoramic views of the mountains from the window of my room were spectacular. Every day, I would wake up to this fantastic view. This trip to Everest Base Camp was one of the best trips I have ever had. Thank you Alpine Eco Trek team, I will definitely recommend my friends to do this trip with you. 

Emma L4,

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Everest Base Camp Trek with an amazing team

Once I landed in Kathmandu, I met the people from Alpine Eco Trek. From the beginning till the end, they were beneficial. I am glad I found out about Alpine Eco Trek. The flight to Lukla was thrilling. I am a total adventure lover. So, the flight was one of the best parts of the whole trip. Reaching the base camp was also another highlight of the trip. After days of tiring trekking, reaching the top felt terrific. My guide, Ming Sherpa, was valuable. He was sure to provide me with good food and a cozy room to spend the night. Along the way, we shared our stories. The Sherpa people seemed friendly and welcoming. Besides Daal-Bhat, I also had choices for other dishes in Namche Bazaar. Overall, the trip was enjoyable, and I look forward to revisiting Nepal soon. 

Randi D38,

EBC - amazingly fantastic experience

While preparing for the Everest Base Camp, I was inquisitive about how hard it would be to reach the top. I did not have much experience in trekking in Nepal. After contacting Alpine Eco Trek, I felt relieved as they said they would provide me with some basic training. After landing in Kathmandu, I enjoyed a day of sightseeing around the Kathmandu valley. I was amazed to see the delicate carvings in the wooden palaces in Kathmandu Durbar Square. On the next day, before departing for Lukla, the guide told me not to worry about the trek. My guide was kind enough to provide me with some basic training. Reaching the top was a dream come true for me. All thanks to my guide from Alpine Eco Trek.

Emma W45,

Everest base camp review of a client

EBC hike - an epic experience

We booked the Everest Base Camp trek with Alpine Eco Trek. We really liked the prices and especially the service from our guide Ramesh and the owner of this company, Mr. Ram Kumar. The trek has more difficult times but they provided everything and made us as comfortable as possible. I can't imagine a better service than this we received. Thanks to their help we had great acclimatization and we arrived at Everest Base Camp. Congratulations. 

Adriana F43,

Outstanding memory with Alpine Eco guides

The 2-weeks long Everest Base camp trek took me close to the unusual gifts of nature. It had been my dream to see the tallest mountain in the world in front of my own eyes. I am so glad that it came true. With the help of Alpine Eco Trek, I was able to make the most out of my time in the Himalayas. As soon as I landed, the staff from Alpine Eco Trek made me feel at home. They showed me around the tourist hub of Kathmandu- Thamel. On the next day, I reached Lukla. The Sherpa people were immensely friendly. We danced together to some Sherpa songs to end the first night of the trek. My guide was very knowledgeable about the Everest region. He shared his stories about how he came to fall in love with his job. I could witness the reason myself. The beauty of the Himalayas would make anyone fall in love with the place.

Logan S46,

Mount Everest trek review

Excellent Holidays  - EBC  Trek 

Treks like those to the Everest Base Camp Trekking must be meticulously crafted. And the Alpine Eco Trek teams were certainly adept and expert in handling every issue related to high-altitude treks. From acclimatization and maintaining the pace of the trip, they were informed of every possible necessity. They also offered great information about the EBC trekking trails and landmarks along the way. Even our accommodation and food were excellent thanks to the brilliant management by Mr. Ram Kumar, the owner of Alpine Eco Trek. Thus, we recommend those who want to trek to the Everest Base Camp trekking to explore Nepal in general to choose Alpine Eco Trek. 

David La5,
United Kingdom 

Best Everest Base Camp trip operator

One of my closest friends had been to Everest Base Camp, and he insisted that I go for it too. I read a lot about the trek and was very excited. I was looking forward to the flight to Lukla. Undoubtedly, the 25 min flight was one to remember. The mountain vistas looked stunning from the flight. The landing part was a bit scary, but I enjoyed the whole flight. Along the trail, I clicked many photos. Kids were gathering to be around because I was carrying a camera. They were very photogenic, indeed. Along the way, I also had the chance to click photos of old Sherpa women doing their household work. I smiled at them, and they smiled back, saying Namaste. My guide asked them if I could take their photos. The traditional ornaments that they wore were gorgeous. I plan to travel to Nepal next year too. So, I look forward to seeing the friendly staff of Alpine Eco Trek again. 

Noah J78,

Everest base camp trekking review

Wonderful trip

We had never been to Nepal before. So, we were pretty excited as well as curious about the people, their lifestyle, and their culture. Also, being a foodie, we were pretty happy to taste Momo and Nepalese Food that we had heard about from our friends who had been to Nepal. Everything we tried felt delicious. We traveled with Alpine Eco Trek, and we are happy that we chose this travel company. Their services were of high quality. Our trekking guide and porters were very cheerful throughout the Everest Base Camp trek. To our pleasure, everything went as planned. We did not suffer from altitude sickness, so we were able to enjoy the whole trek. Since it was in April (a peak season for trekking), we met many fellow trekkers along the trail. Also, We were able to make some Japanese friends who we are still in contact with now. The teahouses served good food. The whole trip was full of fun memories that we will cherish for the rest of our life. Thanks, Ram and Alpine Eco Trek for organizing a wonderful trip for us. 

Jayden O65,
USAEverest hiking tour review

Fantastic Management 

Treks in the Himalayas have to have intricate planning and management. As such, the effects of altitude sickness must be also considered in such adventures. Alpine Eco Trek and its staff made sure that all aspects of the travel were covered right down to the airport pickup and selection of guides. They also had chosen the lodges and teahouses on the trek beforehand so we had no hassle regarding overnight stays. What is even greater is that these teahouses were neat and tidy with hygienic sanitation as well. Likewise, the food was also great and offered a taste of the local Sherpa culture. All in all, we recommend Everest Base Camp trekking to everyone and do with Alpine Eco Trek.  

Ricardo Miguel,

EBC and Kala Patthar summit with Ramgopal 

Our trek to the magnificent Everest Base Camp was coupled with outstanding management by the Alpine Eco Trek team. While we had our doubts at first, the staff at Alpine Eco Trek left no stones unturned to help us have a safe and comfortable trek. Even our guide was constantly pushing us throughout the difficult parts of the trek. He also introduced the Sherpa culture to us and took us on exciting detours as well. Moreover, the food that we had on the trek was exceptionally great and also introduced us to the food culture of the Sherpa community. I and my friends are glad to have chosen Alpine Eco Trek as our companion on this Himalayan venture. 

Sandra Cristina,

Everest hiking holiday review

Beautiful EBC and Kala Pattar

I think it would be an understatement to say that I was excited about the Everest Base Camp Trek. So, I did a great bit of research to choose my travel partner in Nepal. In doing so, I chose Alpine Eco Trek for the trek and they fully repaid my faith in them. Right from the start of my trip to Nepal, they planned every transport, accommodation, and even smaller detours for me. 

De Sousa Leitao R joao,

Excellent trip to EBC 2019 

Traveling is always fun and games until you confront the problems of exploring a new destination with different cultures and traditions. So, we did thorough research before choosing Alpine Eco Trek. Our decision was certainly the best and helped us cope magnificently with the culture and lifestyle in Nepal. From the guides to chauffeurs provided us with great company and information regarding our Everest base camp trekking. In the Himalayas, the trekking hacks of the guides and porters also helped us adapt to high altitudes. Likewise, the information regarding the local culture and Himalayas was also authentic and surreal in every manner. So, we would like to thank Ram Kumar and the Alpine Eco Trek team for such an amazing Everest Base Camp trip. 

Blandthorn Z56,

Everest base camp tour review

EBC trek, one of my greatest travel experiences

EBC by Alpine Eco Trek is certainly up there with some of my greatest travel experiences. As such, the efforts made by Alpine Eco Trek and its staff have to be praised. And what is even more amazing is the consistency they have displayed over the years as evident by the raving reviews that they have got. On the trek, they brilliantly organized all our necessities and did so without compromising the standard of the facilities. I was shocked at the quality of food and accommodation that they managed in such a rural part of the country. While the food was exceptional, the lodges and teahouses easily exceeded our expectations as well. This helped us have a great trip.

Nyamekye A9,

Everest Base Camp - An epic journey 

Our trip was full of the exceptional beauty of the Himalayas and the hospitality of the Sherpas. We do have very fond memories of the local Sherpa cuisines on the trek. Thukpa and Butter Tea are certainly the ones that stand out for us. Likewise, the condition of teahouses was also quite admirable. They were hygienic and had great sanitation in and around the vicinity. However, none of these memories would be so remarkable if we hadn't chosen Alpine Eco Trek. They arranged every single detail on the trek including a friendly guide and porters. We would like to accredit them for their magnificent management of the trek and advise other travelers to choose Alpine Eco Trek on their trek to the Everest Base Camp as well.

Russ, John, Dan, and the team
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