How to Choose a Best and Reliable Trekking Agency in Nepal?

  • Feb 16, 2020
  • Ram Kumar Adhikari
  • 1042

Looking for a reliable trekking agency in Nepal to go along with? We are a small but efficient Trekking Company that cares about your preferences and satisfaction.

Nepal is one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations for various recreational activities and its tranquil natural surroundings. Vacationing Nepal is the best option to explore Nepal’s cultural and natural beauties. For many globetrotters, Nepal has been the greatest place to discover the spectacular mountain views as well as diversified flora and fauna.

Now, when you finalize your holiday with the thought of doing a Trekking in Nepal, the first task for you will be to do research before shelling out your dollars to random trekking companies. Now, you may have a question or wonder, how to find the best trekking agencies in Nepal? Well, according to Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN), there are nearly 1500 trekking and travel agencies in Nepal are registered under the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Office of the Company Register and Nepal Tourism Board. Therefore, for your convenience, we have listed a few helpful tips to follow while selecting one of the best trekking agencies in Nepal to enjoy your holiday with full of fun for unforgettable memories.

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First of all, Finalize the Trek

Before selecting trekking companies or agencies in Nepal, it is wise to finalize the trek first that you would like to enjoy during your holiday in Nepal. Depending on your fitness level, time-frame, cost/budget, and accommodations to stay inside major towns/cities, start selecting an appropriate trek that suits your requirements and expectations. If you feel confused about which trek to choose? Here is the list of the Top 10 Best Trekking Trips in Nepal. It helps you to give an insight into trekking trips in Nepal.

Registration, Licenses and Associations 

While choosing a trekking agency, the most essential thing to know is either the agency is registered or not with the authorized government offices like Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Office of the Company Register and Nepal Tourism Board and associated with Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Mountaineering Associations (NMA). Some Trekking agencies are conducting trekking trips in Nepal without the proper licenses so you need to avoid those unauthorized agencies for the guarantee of your own personal safety and fun. Nowadays, in most of the trekking companies’ websites, you would be able to find the legal document's sections. In which, you will find the necessary licenses/certificates attached online.

Research Cost and Facilities

Each and every trekking agency offers different schemes at different prices to attract their clients; the price may vary from agency to agency though they offer the same trekking route, places, and packages. Many companies try to convince you by offering the packages in low-cost; be aware of their tactics as cheapest may never fulfill their oath and your needs and demand. But there is no guarantee of excellent and praiseworthy service of expensive agencies too. We recommend you to check the official page to get the detailed information about includes/excludes facilities, pick up and drop the charge, flight tickets, Entry permit, meals, responsible guides, comfortable lodges and accommodation through the journey.

Guide and Porters Insurance

To ensure the safety from unforeseen circumstances, make sure that the total cost that you have agreed to pay covers the insurance of local staff – trekking guide, helpers, Sherpas, climbing guide and cooks hired by your trekking agency. Nepal is an adventure destination so it is also very essential to have your own travel insurance too. You may get altitude sickness and need to evacuate from a helicopter and pay treatment bills all that needs to be covered in travel insurance.

Licensed Guides

While selecting the best trekking agency for your adventure trekking tour in Nepal do not forget to ask your agency for a guide license too. Book your trip with trekking agencies that provide guides with a valid license and first aid training. The guide must have the best knowledge and qualities of trekking routes, tea-house accommodations, and expertise in handling the guest both mentally and physically. Guides are the one who makes your trekking journey successful and unforgettable. Setting up a one-on-one meeting with guides will be a good idea. It will help you to know more about guides, their skills, attentiveness, level of flexibility, types of equipment and a valid trekking license.

Clients Reviews about Agency

Reviews are the best source of information to know about the agencies, their business strength, responsibility towards their clients and popularity. The general feedback by the costumers is helpful for you to know their services and their drawbacks as well. Except for some agencies, most of the trekking agencies don’t post negative reviews,  comment, and testimonials in their own website; so, the worldwide trusted and popular websites like Trip advisor, TourRadar, Trustpilot and Lonely Planet are the best sources for evaluating the reviews or you may also email the pro clients on their email address for the factual information.

Year of Experience of the Company

The working experience of companies is very important to know about their services, goodwill, and reliability. Only better companies sustain longer in this business and provide the best services to clients; however, it doesn’t mean that every old company is trustworthy and genuine. New agencies guided by the expert generation with new thoughts, new strategies, and new generosity can also be a good option for the best trekking experience in Nepal. Make sure you always deal with the travel experts and guides with long working experiences, not a common business-person.

Safety and Health Standard of the Agency

It is always good to plan the trip with the best trekking agencies which keep health and safety at the top. Choosing those trekking agencies which provide enough training for their guides, porters, Sherpas, and cooks – Advanced health training, first aid training, operating health equipment, and medical knowledge. Although trekking can be strenuous, it is generally not a dangerous activity. But it can become risky if you do not consider the necessary precautions on time.
Before you book a trekking agency make sure they turn helpful at times of emergency. Check if they have great safety standards and good safety records. It is wise to know about the various services they provide during an emergency like helicopter evacuations.

Responsible Towards Environment

Choose those trekking agencies where they can operate trekking activities in a responsible and sustainable manner. Guides and Porters should be well-trained about conserving the environment. In this way, they will help you to guide as well as conserve the local environment.

Throwing litters such as; empty water bottles, cans, plastics, rubber, glass, and other non-bio degradable goods should be prohibited.
All these environments' safety guidelines should be shared with guides, porters, and travelers by the trekking agencies. Overall this will help to conserve the natural resources of the local community.


We at Alpine Eco Trek hope that the above useful tips to find the best trekking agencies in Nepal will help you to choose the best agency for your great trip to Nepal. If you have any confusions regarding trekking agency or have any questions in mind regarding trekking trips in Nepal, please feel free to contact us. We will respond within 24 hours.