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  • Jul 11, 2022
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About Dashain festival in Nepal

Nepal is a beautiful place, not just because of its geographical wonders, but also because of its many cultures. Nepal is home to a diverse range of unique traditions, civilizations, and religions. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and others all call Nepal home. These folks share a mutual understanding and regard for one another. They each have their own festivals and festivities. Every holiday in our country has its own following, cultural and religious significance, and a rich and illustrious history spanning back centuries. 

Dashain, Tihar, Teej, Lhosar, Eid, Buddha Purnima, and other major religious festivals are celebrated in Nepal. Dashain, the major festival of Hindus, is regarded as the most important of all the festivities. It is an event that offers joy to everyone and spreads the message of unity. This event represents unification, truth's triumph, and the beginning of happiness. Information about Dashin Festival

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Dashain Celebration in Nepal

Dashain is the most widely celebrated festival in Nepal, with all Nepalese participating. It concerns not only Hindus but also people from many cultural backgrounds. Dashain is Nepal's longest and most popular celebration. Dashain is also known by several other names, including Dasain, Vijaya Dashami, and Dashera (India). Even if the names alter from place to place, Dashain is celebrated with the same zest and excitement throughout the world.

Durgamata Dashin Festival

It is the most auspicious celebration, which lasts for two weeks. Nepalese labourers who work in other countries enjoy long vacations and return home to celebrate the festival. The celebration takes place in September or October, beginning with Ashwin's Shukla Paksha (bright lunar fortnight) and concluding with Purnima, the full moon.

The first, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and fifteenth days are the most important of the fifteen days commemorated. In Hindu mythology, the festival of Dashain commemorates the Goddess Durga's victory over the monster Mahishasura, who had terrorized the kingdom of gods. The battle between them is symbolized by the first nine days of Dashain, while Goddess Durga finally kills the demon on the tenth day. Another mythology holds that this festival commemorates Ram's triumph over Ravan, as chronicled in the Ramayana. 

Dashin Holiday in Nepal

Ghatasthapana is the first day of the Dashain Festival

Ghatasthapana is the name given to the first day of Dashain. Bijaya Dashami is the last day of the festival. Priests worship and pray to Goddess Durga to bless her presence in a bronze pot filled with holy water on the first day of Dashain, Ghatasthapana. Dashain's seventh day is known as Phulpati. It is one of the most important Dashain ceremonies. Maha Ashtami falls on the eighth day of Dashain. People sacrifice buffaloes, goats, hens, and ducks in temples across the country on this day. This is done to appease Goddess Durga's furious incarnation, the bloodthirsty goddess Kali. Animals are sacrificed all around the country. These sacrifices are regulated by law. The number of sacrifices made is enormous. The meat is carried home and consumed as food blessed by the divinity after the blood is donated to the Goddess.  

Dashin Swing Ping


Mahanavami falls on the ninth day of Dashain. Vehicles and other pieces of equipment are offered fowl blood on this auspicious day, and prayers are said in the hopes of having a safe time wherever they go. Bijaya Dashami, the tenth day of Dashain, is the most awaited day for everyone. It is a festive day when people dress up in new and exquisite clothes and pay respect to their elders by visiting neighbours and relatives. The elders apply Tika (a mixture of yoghurt, rice and colours) on the forehead of youngers. They are usually red in colour to represent the blood that unites the family. The elders give money and blessings to their younger generation.  Jamara is a green plant that is utilized as a flower during Dashain. It is grown from seeds of rice or maize.

Dashin Tika in NepalEveryone forgets about their troubles and enjoys themselves during Dashain.  Schools, offices, and workplaces are closed as people gather with their families to celebrate the occasion. This festival attracts the interest of the kid, in particular.   People eat delicious cuisines, travel to see their family and enjoy their lifestyle. This festival continues until the 15th day of Dashain when it concludes. As the grand festival of Nepal comes to a close, people eagerly anticipate the Dashain celebrations the next year.

Dashain Festival Celebration in NepalRegardless of the fact that Dashain is a major festival, it is not required to purchase new clothes or expensive jewellery, or to receive or donate large sums of money. Celebrations should be held with what we have and what we can afford.