Coronavirus (COVID-19) Travel Information and Advices

  • Jul 11, 2022
  • Ram Kumar Adhikari
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Coronavirus (COVID-19), travel update, Coronavirus disease, travelers’ information, cancellation policies, the impact of coronavirus in Nepal, Mount Kailash and Tibet and the benefits of postponing your trip

Travelers may have a lot of concerns and questions about the novel coronavirus impacts on their impending holiday plans or for those who have been planning to travel in a month or two. Here, we have tried to help you to understand more about how the COVID-19 disease may or may not disturb your immediate or forthcoming holiday plans. The safety of our clients is our greatest concern, so here we are providing all the necessary essential information and will keep updating the progress regularly if required.

At this moment, everything is normal in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan and tours to these destinations have been kept on hold until further information from the respective country officials. With an exception to certain regions that have been declared unsafe to travel by the WHO concerning COVID-19 outbreak such as China, USA, some European countries and Japan, Iran and South Korea, all our trips in the Nepal Himalayas and Kilimanjaro Mount Kailash tours are continuing to operate. 

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Frequently Asked Questions by our Clients

Recently, we have been receiving a lot of questions regarding travelling due to ongoing coronavirus situations. For your convenience, we have accumulated answers to these questions given below:

Regarding your Booked Trips

Are your trips in Nepal still running?

As per the recent notice released by the government of Nepal, the on-arrival visa has been suspended till 30th April 2020 coming into effect from twelve hours midnight of 14th March 2020. You obtain a pre-arrival visa from the Embassy of Nepal after presenting a swab test PCR health certificate. Read the notice here. With all the necessary requirements, if you can make it to the beginning of your trip, the trips will run just as planned. As Nepal has not imposed any travel bans, you can make it here with a pre-visas and medical certificate.

Are there any cancellation fees if I wish to cancel my trip?

Yes, there are certain cancellation charges if you wish to cancel your trip. You will be much benefited if you postpone your trip as you are entitled to a lifetime deposit. Please visit our booking terms and conditions page for cancellation charges and policies. Also, you can get in touch with us directly and consult your options with our travel consultants. We also recommend you contact your insurance provider and inquire about cancellation coverage.

What are my options apart from canceling the trip?

If you do not wish to cancel your trip, you are entitled to our lifetime deposit. With this, you can postpone your trip to any time / any year (2021/2022/2023) as per your feasibility. You can also transfer under the name of any of your friends or family.

What will happen if I postpone my trip? Will I have to pay any additional charges?

At this time, postponing the trip is the best option you have. You can postpone your trip to any date as per your feasibility. The charge for postponing the trip depends on your trip itinerary, group size and if we have already booked your flight and hotel rooms. You can contact our travel manager personally and discuss the matter.

How will I be informed if my trip is cancelled?

Your trip will be cancelled only if the government release Do-Not Travel warning or any operational restrictions that prevent us from running any of the trips as planned. This restriction could be such as border closures. Under these circumstances, if your trip is cancelled we will inform you via email with an official cancellation notice.

What if I cannot join the trip due to the country's altered entry requirements?

Every country has developed its own entry and exit requirements which are changing daily. Please stay updated with all the requirements and plan accordingly. If you do make it to the beginning of your trip, we will run the trip for you just as planned.

What happens if my flight gets cancelled? What do I do?

We do not hold any control over airlines decision to cancel any flights. Please contact your booking agent regarding the matter. If we have made your booking on your behalf, please contact our team and discuss your options.

How will I know if my trip will still run just as planned?

Your trip will be still running if you have not heard about any cancellations or amendments from us. In case if there are any changes to your trip plan, we will contact you personally and let you know.

What if I get quarantined by the local government of the place I am travelling to? Who will cover the cost of this?

If you are travelling and you show symptoms of coronavirus then we will assist you in seeking medical help as per the advice from health officials. Depending on different countries and their policies, this may include quarantine. If you are quarantined in any place other than your home country, you can contact your relatives in urgent cases. Most of the travel insurance doesn't cover coronavirus affected areas. You can also contact your insurance provider for detailed information.

I have travel plans later in the year, should I cancel?

The coronavirus situation is changing frequently. In the coming few months there might be significant changes in the situation which means that any cancelling or delaying your booking may result in unnecessary cancellation charges and amendment fees. Therefore, stay updated with any official notice from your country of visit and plan accordingly.

Making a booking for a future trip, will there be any effect on my travel plan? what if the travel advice surges?

Currently, many people are moving forward with travel plans and are also booking their upcoming trips. We are taking bookings for any of your future travel plans and also closely monitoring the situation so that we can know any effect on your travel plans beforehand. If any of your travel plans are subject to change, we will inform you immediately via email.

What if I get sick while travelling? Will my travel insurer cover my medical expenses?

Each insurance company has different policies when it comes to covering medical charges. Please look into your insurance policy carefully and contact your insurance company and stay clear on what is and what is not included in your insurance policy.

Travel advisories

We have provided a few travel advisories below. Please read them and stay updated and consult with your local advisories if you plan on making your travel in a few days. Do check all the entry and exit requirements as these requirements are changing frequently.

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