A tiny country yet a beautiful destination where time stands still, Bhutan perfectly blends the allure of nature and the spirituality of religion in the tiny Buddhist kingdom also known as the Last Shangri-La. Sandwiched between Tibet and India, Bhutan is the pearl of the Himalayas. Virgin peaks covered splendidly in blindingly white snow rise up to 25,000 ft to the north of the kingdom, whereas beneath lie steep glacial walls, alpine highlands and misty forests. The streams that make its way from gigantic mountains cut through gorges on their way down to warmer valleys and wide marshes in the heart of the kingdom.

A distinct landscape of jungles and grasslands drastically drops onto another equally beautiful landscape of southern plains. For those souls who have accustomed and molded themselves to suit this domain of extremes and have always led their life with the principles of Mahayana Buddhism, Bhutan is truly a paradise on earth where respect for life, in all its many incarnations, endures like the land itself.

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