Bhaktapur Nagarkot Day Trip

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Bhaktapur and Nagarkot – the former is a treasure trove of exclusive ancient art and cultures while the latter showcases the natural beauty of Nepal. Give us a day and we can show you a marvelous sunset over Himalayan ranges fascinate you with Nepalese artistic wonders and tantalize you with our delicious cuisine. All at a small cost, and on the same day.

Many of you have a limit time so that going for long trekking will not be possible in a short period. But no worry, we have a day tour which makes you happy and feels that you are trekking in the Himalayas. On this tour, we will visit Bhaktapur Durbar square then hike to Nagarkot hill on the same day.
From Nagarkot, you will see a whole range of mountains in the northern part of the country. You can see the stunning valley of Kathmandu and have a romantic evening with your partner.

In Bhaktapur, you will explore the rich art and cultures and even learn a brief history of Nepal. You can also admire and take pictures of the Pagoda and Shikhara-style temples and monuments. The trademark of Nepal. You can also tease the delicious Nepali Cuisine and drink the intoxicating Newari Wine make by rice. The major attractions in Bhaktapur durbar square are 55 window palaces, Golden Gate, Nyatapola Temple, King’s Bhupatindra Malla’s Statue, Lion’s Gate, Art gallery, pottery square, etc. Besides these temples and deities and their interesting legends, Bhaktapur is also famous for its local products like JUJU DHAU, the delicious yogurts also known as King of all yogurts.

Short brief of Bhaktapur Nagarkot day tour 

At around 7:00 AM you have breakfast in the Hotel. Leave from the hotel at around 8:00 AM starting the amazing Bhaktapur Nagarkot Changunarayan temple tour. Reach Bhaktapur at around 9:00 AM, after an hour to 2 hours' sightseeing of Bhaktapur Durbar Square, drive to Changu Narayan Temple, after visiting the ancient temple, at around noon start an amazing hike to Nagarkot hillside, 4 hours hike through the refreshing jungles, lovely beautiful villages and ever charming farmlands enjoying the breathtaking landscapes reach Nagarkot at around 5:00 PM to enjoy the grand sunset from the best viewpoint of Nagarkot View Tower. After enjoying the breathtaking sunrise and stunning Himalayan panoramas, drive back to Kathmandu. If you have time, you can spend a night in Nagarkot hillside, this hillside provides a wide range of hotels and lodges from basic to 5-star standard luxury accommodations. Let us know if you would like to spend a night in Nagarkot. We can revise the itinerary and cost as per your choice and interest. You can enjoy your lunch somewhere in the middle of the hike, bringing a packed lunch would be a great idea

Tour of Bhaktapur Durbar Square

Bhaktpur Durbar Square is a historic royal palace in Kathmandu valley which is the least developed than Kathmandu and Patan Durbar Square. Bhaktapur, the Newari city, is 16 KM east from Kathmandu. Before the 15th century, the whole Kathmandu valley was ruled by Bhaktpur Durbar. In the 15th century, a Malla king, who had 3 sons, made three kingdoms for their convenience. The constructions of a large number of temples in Durbar Squares in the valley are the result of the tough competition between the kings over their power. As there was always competition and fight between three kingdoms, they lost their power in 1768 at what time started another monarchy know as Shah Dynasty in Nepal.

Bhaktapur literally means the city of devotees known as the city famous for woodcarving, handmade papers, pottery, and cloth weaving. People in Bhaktapur are really cultural and traditional. Their main profession is farming. Before Bhaktapur was known as Bhadgaun that means the rice village. Around every corner of the square, you will see the narrow paved streets harbor hidden shrines and statues. It gives you a fantastic atmosphere to relax the entire visit to major cultural heritages and temples.

Major attractions of Bhaktapur Durbar Square

  • The Golden Gate: The Golden Gate is the entrance of the 55 windows Royal Palace which is one of the main attractions of Bhaktapur's visit.
  • Batsala Devi Temple: Batsala Devi temple is one of the beautiful Shikhara style architectures in Nepal. In the terrace of Batsala Devi temple, there is a bronze bell called ‘barking bell’ by the local people who believe that the bell ringing made the dogs bark. That is why is called ‘barking bell’.
  • Pashupatinath Temple: Pashupatinath temple is full of erotic pictures.
  • The National Art Gallery: The National Art Gallery contains ancient and medieval paintings belonging to Hindu and Buddhist schools.
  • Nyatapola Temple: The 17th century Pagoda style temple is one of the most beautiful temples in Bhaktpur. This is the tallest temple in Bhaktapur.
  • Bhairab Temple: Bhairab Temple is situated close to Nyatpola Temple. The Bhairab Temple belongs to the god of terror.
  • Dattatraya Temple: Dattatraya temple is built in 1427AD. It is said that this temple was built of the trunk of a single tree.
  • Pottery Square: There are still many potters in Bhaktpur working with their traditional wooden wheels that give various shapes and sizes to clay. Bhaktapur is one of the renounced places to preserve the world's old pottery profession. Potters drying decorative items made by soil clay.
  • Wakupati Narayan Temple: Wakupati Narayan temple is one of the 15th-century temples. This temple is considered as the temple of harvesting god.

Entry Fee for Bhaktapur Durbar Square

  • For Foreign Nationals: US$ 20 or NRs. 2000
  • For SAARC Nationals: NRs. 500
  • For Chinese Nationals: NRs. 500

Tour of Changu Narayan Temple 

Changu Narayan Temple is one of the most important temples in Kathmandu from the artistic, religious, cultural and historical perspective. This temple gives so many images related to the Lord Vishnu dated back from the 4th century to onwards. Changu Narayan is another name of the god Bishnu. God Bishnu is the one supreme god in the Hindu religion among the Hindu deties.

Changu Narayan Temple 20 km east of the Kathmandu city and 4 km north from the Bhaktapur Durbar Square. It lies on the top of the hill and tourists can view the beautiful views of the Kathmandu. Hiking to Nagarkot (4 hours) starts from this temple.

Entry Fee for Changu Narayan Temple

  • For Foreign Nationals: US$ 5 or NRs. 500
  • For SAARC Nationals: NRs. 100
  • For Chinese Nationals: US$ 3 or NRs. 300

Hike from Changu Narayan to Nagarkot Hillside

A four hour’ of an amazing hike from Changu Narayan Temple brings you up to the scenic Nagarkot (2,200m).  The hike from Changu Narayan to Nagarkot is a unique and relatively easy walk through the refreshing jungles, typical Nepalese villages and evergreen, and charming farmlands. Nagarkot is considered to be the most scenic spot and is well-known for its spectacular sunrise and sunset view. From Nagarkot View Tower, many of the Himalayan peaks including Annapurna in the west, Kanchenjunga in the east can be observed. If we are fortunate enough to have clear weather, even Mt. Everest can be seen in the far east.  The viewpoint also offers an excellent view of Mount Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang as well as Indrawati river valley in the east. As described by its visitors this is the place whose beauty endures year-round.

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  • Duration: 8 to 10 Hours, Starting Time: 08 AM
  • Location: Bhaktapur, Changu Narayan Temple and Nagarkot (near Kathmandu valley)  
  • Exploration of Bhaktapur Durbar Square (World Heritage site) 
  • Visit Changu Narayan Temple (an ancient site of Kathmandu valley)
  • Enjoy the beautiful hike from Changu Narayan to Nagarkot 


Guided tour of major attractions of Bhaktapur and Changu Narayan temple. 
An English speaking tour guide.
Car or Van or Bus transportation according to group size.
Necessary fuel  and parking charges for the vehicle
Lunch and salary for guide and driver.
Pick up and drop from/to your hotel 

  • Hotels in Bhaktapur and Nagarkot.
  • Necessary entry fees and permits monuments of Bhaktapur and Nagarkot.
  • Your meals.
  • Tips for tour guide and driver.

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