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Nepal is perhaps one of the most thrilling destinations on this planet for any kinds of adventure activities. Alpine Eco Trek offers some awesome adventure sports and you can enjoy your time in Nepal doing some challenging and thrilling trips such as Zip flyer, Mt. Flight, Tandem flight, Paragliding, rock climbing, Bunjee jumping, paying the golf, White water rafting and etc. Choose your favorite activities and let us know we will provide you the best memory ever and unforgettable price.

Adventure Activities in Nepal

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping- 04 Days

Bungee jumping in Nepal is not new adventure sport in Nepal, it's been almost 10 years the bungee ...
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Cable Car

Cable Car in Nepal -

Cable car is a recent phenomenon in Nepal that has become extremely popular with the locals and tourists...
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Elephant polo

Elephant polo in Nepal

Nepal has number of adventure sports to enjoy. Elephant polo is one of the rare, adventures...
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Golf in Nepal

Golf in Nepal - 04 Days

A collection of sensational golf packages to leading golf regions and resorts around Nepal....
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Hunting in Nepal

Hunting in Nepal - 19 Days

Hunting in Nepal - in this ecological awakening age hunting seems quite contradictory but Nepal has...
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Paragliding in Nepal

Paragliding in Nepal - 05 Days

Paragliding is the most adventure activity in Nepal getting famous among the exotic travelers every...
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Rock climbing in Nepal

Rock climbing in Nepal

If you want a cliff hanger experience in Nepal, the Kathmandu valley perimeter offers some hair-raising ...
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Locally Owned Company

As a local company based in Nepal, all of our team members were born and raised in the regions you explore, making them more knowledgeable and aware of their destinations, trails, and community. We deliver an international standard...

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Committed to Small Group

We further commit to our intention to give our clients a quality experience by usually engaging with the small group size of clients, this way we can maintain consistency in the kind of service we provide. Additionally, this allows...

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Highly Experienced Team

Travelling to the parts unknown always comes with a little unpredictability, at Alpine Eco Trek we along with our experienced local guides work to minimize this. First, our travel planner finds you the perfect blend of experience...

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